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    How To Fillet A Fish

    May 29, 2020 1 min read

    How To Fillet A Fish

    Taylor from Adreno had a successful day out yesterday, out of Brisbane. Snagged a pretty nice size local coronation trout, a bad little mangrove jack and an oval cod. And so we're just going to go through just a quick one on how to fillet your fish. 

    Watch the video below and read about the key steps to filleting your fish: 



    Key steps to filleting your fish: 

    1. Get a nice clean surface and a nice sharp knife.

    2. Make an incision behind the peck fin. 

    3. Cut along the backbone or across the top of the fishMake sure you are cutting as much of the fillet off as possible! (minimise waste). This will cut the top off the fish off the bone. 

    4. Lift the fillet and run the knife down to the bottom of the fish. 

    5. Cut the fillet off and repeat the process on the opposite side. 

    6. Skin your fillet (optional) 

    7. Feel down your fillet checking for any leftover pin bones and remove any bones. 

    8. Put your fillets on ice and in some saltwater and they'll be ready for your next meal!