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    How To Choose Speargun Length

    April 09, 2020 2 min read

    How To Choose Speargun Length

    Today we're going to be talking about one of the most common questions we get asked at Adreno. It's how to choose the right length speargun.

    You can read the blog below or watch our video on this topic here: 


    Rubber powered spearguns come in lengths from around 60 centimetres being the shortest, all the way up to like a 140, 150 and event 160cm in extreme cases. The reason we have short guns and long spearguns is for different species and different environments when we're spearfishing. A short gun, say anything less than 80 centimetres, is really going to be good for fish that are hiding in caves, cracks, under ledges and in spots where there's a lot of wash and wave action. The short gun allows you great manoeuvrability in these tight spaces.

    One of the disadvantages of the short gun is power. Your band stretch on a short gun is much less than you'd get on the longer spear gun. This is going to reduce the power and it's going to be more suitable for smaller species such as luderick, drummer, broom.

    If you're chasing bigger fish in the wash and you still want a short manoeuvrable gun, you're probably better off looking for something like a roller gun. When you get to a roller, the band stretch now is increased significantly because it's accelerating the shaft for the entire length of the barrel. So that's going to give you more power.

    Anyway back to the standard rail guns. Your most common length for a rail gun for someone beginning is 90 to 110cm. It's relatively easy to load and maneouver still, but enough power to land your medium size fish like kingfish, jewfish and still not overpowered for your smaller species. Something like this is good for visibility around 10 meters and depths generally more than five or six meters deep.

    Then we're going to move up to something a little bit longer like 130cm. This is typically your blue water length. So best off using this for species like mackerel, wahoo, dolphin fish, where you're not in any tight spaces, you've got plenty of time to load and aim. That’s the other thing with the length if it's fast moving species a long gun is much slower to track. So then you want to go back to something shorter again.

    And that's it. Choosing the right length spear gun, thanks for reading! If you'd like to see more, we have loads of content on our YouTube channel or on our website blogs, so check it out. Or if you have any other questions about choosing the right sized speargun, get in contact with us via live chat, email or visit one of our stores our spearfishing experts will be happy to help out.