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    Great Deal on Beuchat Mundial Air Pneumatic Spearguns

    January 22, 2011 1 min read

    Great Deal on Beuchat Mundial Air Pneumatic Spearguns

    Beuchat originated in France in the early 1930's and since then have been making high quality diving and spearfishing goods for the past 75 years. Beuchat strives to push the boundaries in spearfishing technology, developing products that offer greater comfort, precision and are a pleasure to use.

    Their new range of Mundial Air Pneumatic Spearguns come in a range of sizes including 40, 60 and 70cm varieties. All models feature a compressed air tank that is capable of producing up to 430 PSI, combined with exhaust outlets all around the muzzle, as well as a safety button and line release hook system which all makes for a very powerful compact speargun.

    Beuchat Australia sells these pneumatic spearguns direct for $295, $329 and $349 respectively, however here at Adreno we are offering a FREE TORRES SPEARGUN SHAFT with every Beuchat Mundial Air Speargunun valued at over $80.

    This is a great deal and the perfect opportunity to get yourself a high quality, compact speargun and bonus shaft at a great price so head on over to http://www.spearfishing.com.au and check the Beuchat Mundial Air Spearguns out for yourself.