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    GoPro Hero HD Part 2- The Gun Mount

    June 16, 2011 1 min read

    Over the last 9 months of using my GoPro I have experimented with wearing the camera on my head and also mounted on my gun. I have found that when you wear it on your head the footage is constantly moving as you are spending a lot of time looking around for fish. Also you cant see if it is recording or not. With a gun mount the camera is always still as it is bolted onto the speargun and you can easily check to see if its recording if you are unsure.

    Here are some tips to consider when making a mount and where to place it on a speargun;

    • The mount should not affect the loading or firing of the gun.
    • It should not obscure your vision in any way.
    • Be made out of aluminum which is lightweight, easy to shape and won't rust. Or similar material.
    • Create little to no drag in the water.
    • Easy to attach and detach to the speargun.
    • Give the camera the freedom to fold back to film other divers and marine life.
    • Easy to reach to stop and start filming.
    • Always have a lanyard attached to camera incase mount snaps off.
    Here are some photos of my latest mount.

    [gallery link="file"]

    As you can see I don't use any of the GoPro attachments on this mount, I just bolt it straight on.

    Here is the link to my YouTube channel where I have a few spearfishing videos taken with the GoPro, enjoy!