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    Fact or Fiction: Chlorine Resistant Wetsuits

    August 23, 2021 2 min read

    Fact or Fiction: Chlorine Resistant Wetsuits

    IT'S A FACT -There are Chlorine Resistant wetsuits specifically designed to resist harmful Chlorine chemicals.


    The Mirage range of Chlorine Resistant Springsuits are just one example of suits which can be taken into Chlorinated water. These springsuits are made out of 2mm 'Chlorine Resistant' Neoprene and allows for maximum movement at key areas around the body.

    The Neoprene fabrics and glues used in the garment are Chlorine Resistant specifically to increase durability - take this diverse Springsuit from the Ocean straight into Chlorinated Swimming Pools, no problem! This is a great suit for swimming in pools; kids, swimmers, parents, learn to swim teachers through to lifeguards.


    • Super stretch 2mm Neoprene
    • Chlorine resistant fabrics
    • Hard wearing and durable
    • Available in Kids, Juniors, Women’s and Men's.

    Orca 'TRN' Wetsuit

    This is a swimming specific full length wetsuit. Designed mostly for Triathletes to train in but can also be worn for any type of swimming. The Orca Triathlon range is the first ever training specific wetsuit with a 2-2.5mm smoothskin Neoprene front and back and flat lock stitching enables you to balance; flexibility, buoyancy and thermal protection all in one go.

    The performance-grade SCS coated 1.5mm Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene used on the shoulder panels is highly flexible for excellent range of motion, while the 2mm high stretch jersey side panels offer flexibility and comfort through the full swim stroke and kick.

    The TRN has a polyester lining, which helps protect the wetsuit from the effects of chlorine and warm water, making it ideal for use in pool training and races. People with higher end race wetsuits can also use the TRN as their second wetsuit for more regular training thanks to its durability.

    The Bottom line is there are now quality products out there that can be taken into chlorinated pools.