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    Enth Degree - Technical Thermals and Water wear

    August 23, 2021 3 min read

    Enth Degree - Technical Thermals and Water wear

    Enth Degree Thermals are the most technically developed range of thermal water-wear in the world, catering for all forms of water sport from diving, surfing and swimming to canyoning, kayaking, canoeing and adventure racing. These hardy yet lightweight thermals can be utilised in all aspects of outdoor, water and adventure activities and are one of the most well considered ranges out there today.

    View the Enth Degree Thermals range.

    enth degree womens thermals

    Wetsuit Warehouse have decided to range all 3 of Enth Degree's technical materials. Over the years they have developed a range to cater for applications hot or cold, wet or dry and there are very few products that can boast as much versatility as the Enth Degree range. 15 years ago there were no products like this, now we have Enth Degree Thermals.

    Enth Degree Fernotherm3 Material

    Fernotherm3 is the best neoprene alternative we've ever come across! Neoprene is a marvellous material when it comes to heat retention and insulation but can't breath or provide protection to anything other than the cold. Fernotherm3 solves these problems but is not quite as warm as rubber.

    enth degree fernotherm thermal material

    Enth Degree Activflex Active and Water Wear Material

    Activflex is the bees knees when it comes to the world of lycra/elastane due to it's superior 240gsm (7oz) weight - typically rashies are closer to 4oz. Although Activflex is not marketed as a thermal product it does provide some thermal protection from the ridge woven and brushed fabric. This material is great as an undergarment for surfers and divers but is proving very popular with our adventure sports and paddling pals.

    enth degree activflex rashie thermal

    Enth Degree Coolvent Fabric

    Enth Degree's Coolvent is their technical offering for warm climates, particularly for those engaged in paddle sports, surface water sports and adventure sports. There is no thermal quality to the material itself however it's external jersey repels water which makes it incredibly fast to dry, and non-absorbent. This means that, for eg a paddler, when you're paddling and getting dripped all over by your paddle, you'll slowly become saturated and wet. With the rapid-drying Coolvent you can be drying quicker than you're dripping!

    enth degree coolvent activewear waterwear

    Enth Degree have developed both Womens and Mens specific cuts in order to ensure the best possible fit - most warmth comes from fit so it was a smart place to start. If you're wondering about the fit just check out the Enth Degree size guide.

    Kayaking, Canoeing and Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) Thermals

    Kayaking, Canoeing and SUPping require a special kind of wetsuit and generally neoprene is too hot, breathable and restrictive to be the material of choice. This is why we tend to get our paddle pals into thermal products like the Adrenalin 2P Range but we felt there was a gap between the qualities of neoprene and 2P so we decided to bring in the best thermals range in the world: Enth Degree.

    enth degree kayaking thermals for kayaking canoeing and stand up paddling

    Scuba Diving Thermals

    The dive industry has been neglected by the thermals world as of late with our most loved brands offering less and less so we were STOKED when we came across the extensive range of undergarments that Enth Degree developed for diving. We can't get enough of their Hooded Vests as they allow you to get extra warmth out of the same suit and means you don't need to buy a scuba diving wetsuit with a permanent hood!

    scuba diving thermals

    Adventure Racing, OCR and Running Thermals

    Enth Degree have found themselves in an intersting place whereby they've made a bunch of water/surface water sports garments that are just as popular among land lubbers as they are with water folk. There is a big crossover in these garments as the technical materials you're used to from your outdoor brands like Patagonia and Arc'teryx are the same as what is used in Enth Degree. But thankfully Enth Degree are not boasting brand names like Goretex© to suggest quality and that's why you're not paying thousands.The technical-polyfleeces that have taken modern textiles and outdoor wear by storm are the same in an $800 hiking jacket as it is in these thermals - that's because moisture is the enemy to cold, so whether you're running or swimming, so long as you're mitigating the ability for moisture to draw heat from your body, you're going to be warm.

    enth degree ocr adventure racing running thermals

    How to maintain Enth Degree Thermals.

    Enth Degree's thermal materials are hydrophobic which means they repel water which takes care of most of the stink however moisture can hole-up in between the layers and fibres and give bacteria a place to grow. We recommend using Wetsuit Wash to remove bacteria, salt and grime from within the garment, it also leaves it smelling lovely! Read ourwetsuit maintenance guide if you want to learn more about prolonging the life of your water garment.