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    Dr. Whoo "blows" Wahoo Big 5 competition entry

    July 02, 2012 1 min read

    Dr. Whoo "blows" Wahoo Big 5 competition entry

    Dr. Whoo's 15kg Wahoo from last month is to stay in the Big 5 competition, even though he stoned this 26kg Wahoo just a week later around North Straddie! "The rules are the rules", said Dr. Whoo, who wished he would have waited with entering the first fish.

    The 26kg Wahoo approached the flasher from the right, Dr Whoo dived and closed the gap as the fish passed the flasher heading towards some burley. The fish did not see the Dr. at anytime and after twisting to his left at very close range the Dr. placed the shaft behind the head and through the spine just as the the fish was about to take the burley. The wahoo quivered for a few seconds and started sinking, a few bubbles rose from the entry wound and it was all over.

    "Dr Whoo hunts with Beuchat gear and Aimrite guns"