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    Contour Camera Range Comparison

    September 20, 2011 2 min read

    Some experiences are once in a lifetime and some stories need to be seen to be believed. So in one, five or ten years' time when you are reminiscing on that big catch, or that unreal dive, don't rely on a your foggy memory to recall the details - capture it with a Contour camera, and relive it for life.

    The Contour range consists of three levels of camera, as well as more accessories than any other camera range. But there is an obvious difference pricing on all of the cameras so I thought I'd run you through some of the basics. But before I get started, be warned that I absolutely 100% love this product and the possibilities that come with it.

    It will attach perfectly to your head, goggles, gun or wrist to catch all of the action in full HD quality. If you're into other action sports - wake boarding, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing - then you can easily transfer the Contour cam to your other pieces of sporting equipment and capture all of that action too!

    I love that with the Contour, unlike other compact action cams, you switch the record button forward, as opposed to pressing it down, so that you always know when it is recording - so many times I press buttons on cameras thinking I'm recording when I'm not, and then end up recording the whole boat ride thinking I've switched it off..

    So here we go...

    With such great filming quality you will need to invest in a biggish GB SD card - 8GB to 16GB should be sufficient as long as you are removing the footage from the camera at the end of each day.

    The Contour lithium batteries are supposed to provide 3 hours of use, but is usually more like two hours so always keep an extra couple with you to simply switch over and keep filming. Remember to fully charge your lithium batter before it's first use so that the battery holds that 'fully charged' memory and continues to charge to that level.

    As you can see the price ranges are justified by the features. For the lowest cost you can get your basic HD cam. For a mid-level cost you can get your full HD cam with the GPS tracking feature. And for the highest cost you can get all of the features of the lower two cams as well as a 35% increase in wide-angle lens and a 2.8" aperture meaning better quality.