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    Choosing a Spearfishing Snorkel

    August 04, 2016 2 min read

    Choosing a Spearfishing Snorkel


    Snorkels are used in a range of water activities from spearfishing to scuba diving. If you want to get the most out of your time in the water, you need to make sure your snorkel is suited, so here’s the rundown on what you need to look for.

    Lucas talks us through some of these helpful tips in choosing the right snorkel.


    Free diving or spearfishing

    • For both spearfishing and freediving, a standard U-Shaped snorkel works quite well.
    • U-Shape snorkels range from harder plastic through to premium soft rubbers.
    • The softer rubbers are more expensive given they're a softer, more comfortable fit and the mouth-pieces are more malleable.
    • The soft rubber also allows for a more relaxed feeling against your neck and head when it’s positioned either inside or outside your mask.
    Scuba diving snorkels Purge valve snorkels are the best when it comes to keeping water out of your mouth when you're trying to enjoy a breezy snorkel or scuba dive. The purge system works by expelling water through the bottom chamber as you breathe rather than trying to get rid of it through the top.
    • The purge valve means you don’t have to fully surface every time you need to clear your spout.
    • The flexible silicone piece that comes on most scuba diving snorkels makes them a little unsuited to the speed of freediving, but ideal for scuba diving where they can manoeuvre with you.
    • Additionally, because purge valve snorkels come with splash guards they're perfect for when it's a little windy on the surface.
    • Some of our higher end range are dry snorkels which have a valve at the top preventing water from entering the spout when you dive.
    Safety snorkels
    • Safety is very important to us at Adreno, so a number of our snorkels have visible colour tips which help you keep an eye on your buddies while freediving and spearfishing.