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    Beuchat Marlin Oceania Review

    August 04, 2016 2 min read

    Beuchat Marlin Oceania Review

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    When you want a speargun specifically to suit Aussie conditions what do you do but get one of the best manufacturers in the world to design and build one. Adreno founder Tim Neilsen did just that resulting in the Beuchat Marlin Oceania. The gun now ranks as Adreno’s top rated gun online by reviews.

    Adrenos Kahlee talks us through the Beuchat Marlin Oceania.

    Buchat Marlin Oceania Key Features

    Tri-cut 7mm Shaft with Flopper
    • This is a great in between thickness for most of your spearfishing needs including hunting reef fish and your larger fish. Anything too thin and it’s easy to bend, and anything too thick and it’s slower moving but hits with more force meaning you are more likely to blunten it or bend it hitting a rock! 7mm is the most popular shaft thickness.
    Interchangeable Muzzle. 

    Beuchat usually don’t make a closed muzzle but made the open muzzle on the Marlin Oceania interchangeable upon Tim’s request.

    • No other gun on the market can be open or closed right off the shelf depending on your preference.
    • The open muzzle has a unique patented locking system adjustable to suit different shaft thicknesses.
    • An open muzzle means you can’t just put the shaft in like a closed muzzle to guide itself down the rail, but on the Marlin Oceania you can put and lock it in, a huge bonus for an open-muzzle gun.
    • Note: The closed muzzle won't work with the shaft's mini sharkfin tabs, a feature for ease of loading. If you're using the closed muzzle mechanism, then we can talk you through using a knot shaft.
    Famous Beuchat Marlin Handle
    • The speargun comes with Beuchat’s famous Marlin handle, which unlike many on the market has an easy to operate safety switch telling you off or on.
    • The mechanism is thick enough to accept up to an 8mm shaft.
    • The handle has a shark clip ideal if using a belt reel or for clipping your speargun to your weight belt. The shark clip is also useful for clipping your speargun to a float line and a float.
    Other Features
    • A broader trigger mechanism able to take a thicker shaft.
    • A muzzle bungee, which is great for fighting the larger fish as it takes some of the shock out.
    • The gun comes rigged with two 17mm power bands fitted with interchangeable Dyneema bridles.
    • A pre-formed, moulded reel bracket so you can slide on any of the Beuchat reels as an accessory.
    Are You a Leftie or Right-Handed?
    • It doesn’t matter if you’re a leftie or right-handed with the Beuchat Marlin Oceania designed to be ambidextrous.
    • The line release can be rigged to go on either side of the speargun, while the muzzle accepts the line going up and over on either side.