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    Bunker Trip Photos 1

    June 15, 2011 1 min read

    Bunker Trip Photos 1

    Just returned from an amazing week of diving up around the bunker group at the southern end of the Great Barrier reef.

    The conditions were great, The first day was the roughest by far with a 20 odd knt wind from the south west after which the remainder of trip was relatively calm.

    Making the initial run to the islands up around the "north west island" area was a little hair raising as the boat was heavily loaded with fuel and gear and being only 17ft in length made for little to no deck room.

    On arrival at the island we quickly realised that we had exceeded our estimation for fuel consumption of the outboard by a massive amount, leaving nowhere near enough fuel left for the trip home. (this was mainly due to poor weight distribution on the boat). To our luck a landing barge arrived at 2am and allowed us to purchase fuel (at a rich price) making this trip one not to be forgotten any time soon.

    Here are a few photos of the trip hope you all enjoy them, as i had a ball taking them. :)

    Tom was diving with the Beuchat Mundial Camo Green 3.5mm (this ones a tough well made wettie)

    Trevor was using the Rob Allen 1.5mm though was a little cold so i lent him a 1mm thermal vest.

    I was going to wear the Beuchat Mundial Pacific 1.5mm but opted for the Beuchat Mundial Reversible 3.5mm due to the colder water. 22'c :)[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]