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    Big 5 Spearfishing Competition Update

    July 19, 2016 2 min read

    Big 5 Spearfishing Competition Update

    What a cold start to winter it’s been along the eastern seaboard. We’d forgive you for taking a few extra hours sleep instead of jumping into the water, but that would be going against the Adreno lifestyle. Don’t let the cold get you down, this is a great time to get out there and get some scores on the board for our Big 5 competition. We’ve had a little update to the leaderboard, with Trevor Ketchion adding a little Dogtooth Tuna to his talley. Not to be outdone, Aaron Puckeridge laid down a number of winter-time species to push his tally up over 4000 points. He’s now the closest challenger to taking the lead off Trevor. Big 5 newcomer Jason Stevens logged his first two captures, we hope to see plenty more off you in the future Jason!

    As usual, there’s still plenty of time left to get scores on the board for our Big 5 competition. There’s a bunch of different categories you can enter in so it’s suitable for every spearo in Australia. With a bunch of awesome Adreno prizes up for grabs at the end of the year, you’d be smart not to miss out. When most people are sleeping in, you could be getting the jump on the competition. Don’t forget to take a happy snap of you holding your captures too, we like to share these with everyone on the blog. Weigh-in photos don’t look anywhere near as good as a nice grab’n’grin!

    Points Total

    Trevor Ketchion 4792.8

    Aaron Puckeridge 4113.8

    Jade Dean 2469.35

    Duncan Limpus 2335.5

    Josh Stevens 1864.75

    Rhys Drury 1721.2

    Woody Falls 1685.65

    Brett Gamlin 1504.51

    Rachel Vercoe 1258.4

    Dandre Kilian 1183.85

    Ben Coy 1152.75

    Branton Brown 1114.2

    Waade Madigan 1092.5

    Jeremy Littler 1055.75

    Cal Spearo 895.3

    Chris Barnes 865.325

    Keiren Limpus 699.825

    Nathan Watson 685.2

    Tim Neilsen 573.5

    Jason Stevens 458.825

    Trent Bailey 437.3

    Benn Jillet 281.25

    Emma Kathleen 238.5

    Emma Peterson 230.75

    Matt Duffy 210.655

    Harrison Kelly 196.5