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    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    April 29, 2013 1 min read

    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    Well it has been a VERY busy few weeks for the Big 5 competition, with some fantastic fish weighed in. We have now cracked 35 competitors in total. When we crack 50 competitors, we will be giving some exciting prizes away in a lucky draw so keep an eye out and encourage your friends to enter to see this happen SOON!

    Junior divers have really been getting stuck into their species over the past month or so which is great to see. Targeting a variety of species is the best way to improve your spearfishing skills across the board. The current Junior 5 scores are:

    Joel Wright 165 155 185 220 1150 1875
    Aaron Puckeridge 155 175 240 825 1395
    Sam Pointer 247.5 900 1147.5
    Joey Atzeni 400 400
    Chris Wright 185 185
    Andy McPherson 160 160
    The overall leaderboard is constantly being mixed up as well, with quality fish being weighed in almost daily. Notable fish include a massive 13kg Mangrove Jack, 8kg tuskies from some of the North QLD spearos, Wahoo, Fingermark, Trout, Cobia, Queenfish, Jobfish, Mackerel and nice Parrots. Just to name a few!

    The scores are close, but the current Top 10 overall for the Big 5 competition are:

    Sam Cox 2689.5
    Aaron Puckeridge 1940
    Dr Whoo 1827.5
    Sam Dawson 1700
    Tim Neilsen 1619
    Josh Ball 1618
    Joey Atzeni 1300
    Travis Hogan 1200
    Benn Jillett 1182.5
    Brad Arnott 1015
    It will be interesting to see how the competition progresses over the next few weeks! We are expecting more and more international competitors to enter the competition too.

    Don't forget to check the species list and rules, and keep hunting!

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