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    2013 Couldwell Cup Spearfishing Challenge

    April 22, 2013 3 min read

    On May 4th and 5th the Couldwell Cup competition will be running from the Moreton Bay Boat Club. The Couldwell Cup is run in memory of Greg Couldwell, who tragically passed away from shallow water blackout while diving off Moreton early last year. The event promises to be one of the largest spearfishing competitions for 2013, with $10,000 of prizes up for grabs including a five day trip for two to Fiji with accommodation and spearfishing charter included! Here is some information on the event. Check out the Couldwell Cup Spearfishing Challenge Facebook Page to have all of your questions answered. 

    Greg Couldwell was a helpful and keen spearo who was well-known and much loved in the spearfishing commnunity. Greg Couldwell was a helpful and keen spearo who was well-known and much loved in the spearfishing commnunity.

    All those that knew Greg Couldwell will attest to his passion and deep affinity with the underwater world. Greg’s spearfishing mates will tell you he was the sort of bloke that would do anything for you and that his enthusiasm for spearfishing was contagious. Tragically, Greg passed while spearfishing off Moreton Island in May 2012.

    Greg had always toyed with the idea of getting a major spearfishing competition off the ground in South East Queensland. Greg took inspiration from the ethos of other major Australian competitions. The Couldwell Cup encompasses Greg’s ideas about what he envisioned in a great spearing comp.

    The competition places a great emphasis on safe, sustainable and selective spearfishing. The scoresheet and pairs format is designed to limit the take while still ensuring an interesting (and delicious) mix of species.

    One major step that sets this competition apart is the ‘pairs format’.

    In recent years there has been a ‘pairs format’ event during one day of the Australian Titles and Queensland Titles - but that is in the context of a generally ‘individual’ type competition. There is no other major competition in Australia that has wholly embraced the pairs format – until now.

    The pairs format enforces ‘buddy diving’ and the winning pair share the glory together. The Couldwell Cup is in line with the trends in other countries, such as New Zealand, where all major competitions, including the Nationals, are held as a pairs event.

    Experienced comp divers will tell you it can sometimes get lonely swimming around the ocean for up to 6 hours by yourself under an ‘individual’ format style comp. However, those familiar with a pairs format will say diving with a buddy and working together with your mate to land fish as a team is FUN!

    A pairs format also halves the usual fish take during a comp.

    The competition area is within the Moreton Bay Marine Park. This area is a ‘melting pot’ for both tropical and temperate species and has a great diversity of marine life.

    The marine life in this reserve is precious to all. To this end we must all ensure that everything is done to preserve it for future generations; hence the selective species list and pairs format.

    The timing of the event during May is not only designed to mark Greg’s passing but also take advantage of the fact the conditions in Brisbane are prime at this time of year. Winds are usually favourable, the water temperature is typically 20-24 degrees (so a 3mm wetsuit should suffice) and the visibility ranges from 10 to 30 metres.

    Please join us for a fantastic weekend of safe, sustainable and selective spearfishing competition.

    Where: Moreton Bay Boat Club [MBBC], Bird O'Passage Pde, Scarborough QLD 4020. The grassy area adjacent to the boat ramp within the MBBC grounds (see insert).

    Sign-on / Sign-off: Day 1: 5am briefing and sign-on, 7am start spearfishing, 4pm sign off; Day 2: 5am briefing and sign-on; 7am start spearing; 2pm sign off.

    Weigh-in area: The marina boardwalk in front of the clubhouse (see insert). Moreton Bay Boat Club [MBBC] Bird O'Passage Pde Scarborough QLD 4020. The grassy area adjacent to the boat ramp within the MBBC grounds (see insert).

    Date:May 4th and 5th Backup date:May 11 and 12 Cost per person: Adults $75; Juniors (under 18) $50

    Cost includes:

    •   Entry to the competition;
    •   T-Shirt;
    •   Trophies;
    •   Saturday evening sausage sizzle and soft drink;
    •   Sunday afternoon sausage sizzle and soft drink;
    •   Presentation Night buffet dinner at MBBC;
    •   Use of the MBBC facilities. Cost excludes:
    •   Accommodation;
    •   Food and drinks during the competition;
    •   Boat fuel.
    Click here for the full information pack.