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    Big 5 Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    August 12, 2016 2 min read

    Big 5 Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    big-5-spearfshing-competition-updateWe have a new leader! Yes, that’s right. Trevor Ketchion has been overthrown by Aaron Puckeridge, courtesy of one of the smallest fish of the competition, a 490g whiting. You wouldn’t think such a small fish could have such big impacts on a year long point race, but this perfectly sums up what the Adreno BIG 5 Competition is all about. Species matter more than the size of your catch, knocking over 10 different species is going to rocket you up the leaderboard a lot quicker than paining over an upgrade of something you’ve already caught.

    Rhys Drury also ticked his score up into the 2000’s with a beautiful 10kg tusky, and Jason Stevens also crept over the 2000 mark thanks to a couple of excellent captures.

    Our BIG 5 competition runs all year, so there’s still plenty of time to chase down Aaron and make your way into the leader’s position.

    The best way to success in the BIG 5 is diversity. Don’t try for upgrades unless it’s a serious one, you’d be much better off to tick off a couple of extra species.

    As always, stay safe on the water and we’ll catch you again in a few weeks for another BIG 5 update.


    Trevor Ketchion 5,509.20
    Aaron Puckeridge 5,573.00
    Jade Dean 2,469.35
    Duncan Limpus 2,335.50
    Rhys Drury 2,130.45
    Josh Stevens 2,056.88
    Brett Gamlin 1,504.51
    Woody Falls 1,471.65
    Rachel Vercoe 1,258.40
    Dandre Kilian 1,183.85
    Ben Coy 1,152.75
    Cal Spearo 1,149.25
    Branton Brown 1,114.20
    Waade Madigan 1,092.50
    Keiren Limpus 1,069.65
    Jeremy Littler 1,055.75
    Jason Stevens 998.63
    Nathan Watson 875.28
    Chris Barnes 865.33
    Tim Neilsen 573.5
    Trent Bailey 437.3
    Benn Jillet 281.25
    Emma Kathleen 238.5
    Emma Peterson 230.75
    Matt Duffy 210.66
    Harrison Kelly 196.5