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    Beuchat Mini Legend Knife Review

    August 20, 2017 2 min read

    Beuchat Mini Legend Knife Review

    The Beuchat Mini Legend Knife is a fantastic dive knife with a range of features that make it extremely practical for any scuba diver. In this review, Adreno’s Josh Cooper takes a look at some of these handy features included on the Mini Legend.


    The Sheath

    The Sheath of this knife is the reason it is considered to be such an adaptable accessory. It has been designed so that it can integrate into your diving set up in three different ways.

    • Firstly, the knife is able to strap onto your arm or leg wherever suits you best. This gives you excellent access to the knife while diving but also keeps it from getting in the way of your other dive gear.
    • The second option is to attach the knife directly to your BCD. Many BCDs now come with two holes in the side which allow you to screw your knife into place by inserting a back plate behind the holes on the BCD and screwing the sheath into place.
    • Lastly, you’re also able to attach the knife using a hose clip. One attachment is placed around the hose and the sheath is then screwed into this, leaving the knife in front of your chest for easy access throughout your dive.
    Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 2.01.59 pm The Mini Legend can be secured to your BCD, keeping it out of the way whilst giving you easy access to the knife.

    The Knife

    The mini legend has been fitted with an 83mm x 4mm blade including all the tricks. The compact blade has one straight edge blade and one edge which is serrated with a line cutter towards the handle. The handle itself has been designed to give effective grip even in thick dive gloves with a variety of gripping surfaces.

    For a look at more of the knives available within Adreno's range, visit our website at http://www.scubadiving.com.au/scuba-diving-gear/knives.