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    Aqua Lung Shot X and FX Shot Fins Review

    August 20, 2017 2 min read

    Aqua Lung Shot X and FX Shot Fins Review

    The X Shot and Shot FX fins (designed for men and women, respectively) both have very similar features in design, with both fins capable of providing efficient kicking power. In this video, Adreno’s Zoe Pocklington runs us through some of the more notable features of these fins.


    Some of the standout features of these fins include the mid rail of the fin, the flexing of the blade, the power zone and the ankle strap, where a few of these fantastic features have been derived from the designs of the SlighShot and HotShot fins.

    Blade Flex The flexing of the blade is an intuitive spooning design that allows for a more efficient kicking motion, as more water is channelled down the blade. As the blade is able to flex both vertically and twist, the movements occur in conjunction with each other to maximise the water volume that pushes down the length of the blade giving maximum power in each kick. This is the only difference between the Shot X and the FX Shot, where the Shot FX designed for females has lower blade strength making it slightly easier to kick and flex the blade.

    Power Zone One of the big changes to this fin is the implementation of a power zone which uses “V-Boosters” to increase the efficiency of the kick by providing increased tension between the foot pocket and the fin blade. The pivoting action of the fin has been located in the midfoot of the foot pocket to reduce foot and toe fatigue whilst you dive to work in concert with the power zone to reduce discomfort and improve the efficiency of kicking.

    Ankle Strap Lastly, the Shot X and FX Shot fins both come with a stainless steel spring ankle strap with a soft TPR heel pad. This means that don and doffing are made easy and that the fin will always provide an effective fit so you won't need to worry about making adjustments as you dive.