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    2017 South Coast Championships

    March 08, 2017 2 min read

    Words by Brad Montague

    The south Coast Championships hosted by the Southern Zone and proudly sponsored by the leading retailer of quality Spearfishing gear, Adreno. It is on this coming weekend Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March at Ulladulla.

    Sign on is from 7.00 am at Ulladulla boat ramp, $70 for open and $35 for Juniors (under 18)    AUF membership which can be paid on the day $12.50 or $70 for the 12 months.

    Fishing starts at 8.00am sharp till 2.00 pm Saturday and 1.00 pm Sunday.

    Ulladulla is a fabulous location for spearfishing. It offers an abundance of dive sites easily reached by boat or by shore and a great selection of quality eating fish. In fact, you can access incredible dive sites from the boat ramp itself.

    To the north is Bannisters Head, Bendalong, Sussex inlet up to wreck bay. To the South, Dolphin Point Burrill rocks, Stokes Island, Meroo Head then Bawley Point just to name a few. Absolutely spoilt for choice.




    If you haven’t been to an organized meet like this before the completion is based on spearing one fish of the targeted species (which are all quality eating fish). Grades are aged based, the youngest being Sub-Junior (under 16) to the oldest being Grandmaster over 65. There will be divers competing in all the grades from 14 years to over 70 years. Trophies are allocated to these categories.

    The experience of the competitors ranges from Australian champions to raw novices, so don’t be put off if you are new to the sport, it’s a great way to learn in a friendly environment.

    The best part of all, apart from having a good time diving is the chance to win from that the huge pile of fabulous prizes generously donated by our sponsors. These are all won on a lucky ticket drawer at the presentation. You sign on and you have a good a chance as any one to win some great prizes. These include Adreno Invis Skin wetsuit, a super comfortable dive suit from Adreno. These are a great wetsuit, my son won one last year and he loves it. Then there are Adreno Tuna gloves and socks to be won Adreno T Shirts, low volume Kālu masks and heaps and heaps more. There is a set of Dive R fins, Manny Sub gear and more dive gear all there up for grabs.

    If you want to improve your spearfishing you need quality dive gear that Adreno has and hands on experience you get from belonging to a Spearfishing club.

    Contact Troy 0438 501812 or Brad 0438510146 for more info for the weekend

    Hope to see you there this weekend!