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    10 of Noob Spearo's most popular spearfishing interviews

    March 16, 2017 3 min read

    10 of Noob Spearo's most popular spearfishing interviews

    Words by Noob Spearo's Shrek.

    In no particular order, here are 10 of our most downloaded interviews. Some of them might surprise you (Scotland spearfishing?), others will intrigue you (Dan Byrne, traveling on the cheap) and a couple (like Chris Coates and Manny Bova) will change the way you do things in your spearfishing forever.

    Kimi Werner. This is a chat with perhaps the most easily recognizable spearfishing personality in the world. Kimi’s story telling ability combined with her passion for sustainable living make her a truly engaging person to chat with. In this interview we cover her international spearfishing experiences along with tips for others who want to undertake their own globetrotting and spearfishing experience.

    Ted Harty. The Equalizing ninja from Immersion Freediving in Florida. Ted’s the man for teaching, he breaks things down to simple actionable steps and this is why he’s known as one of the best freediving instructor’s specifically training spearo’s. In this interview we discuss Frenzal vs Valsalva and why the transition to Frenzal is essential for spearo’s.

    Simon Trippe. Australian spearfishing academy instructor and a passionate advocate for spearfishing throughout Australia. Simon’s dedication to the cause is well known and he’s passionate about seeing not only the rights of recreational fisherman preserved but also about reducing the number of spearfishing deaths that occur each year. This episode is great for learning about spearfishing clubs and why you might want to consider joining one.

    Chris Coates. The man, Turbo and I had man-crushes on Coatesman since we started researching and learning how to get started spearfishing in our early days in the sport. Chris is a wealth of knowledge about everything from hunting techniques to equipment setup. This episode has a deepdive into using noise effectively as a hunting technique and also covers his legendary DIY flasher.

    Rob Allen. Another South African and one of the pioneers in the spearfishing equipment sphere. His guns are legendary – effective, powerful, accurate and affordable. This episode has a big section on targeting pelagic species particularly Spanish (king) Mackerel.

    Dan Byrne. The world spearfishing traveller doing it on the cheap. Adventures in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East and his home country the USA – Dan’s been on a mission and he loves sharing some of his hard earned lessons in this interview.

    Grant Laidlaw. Scottish spearfishing and pneumatic spearguns? Hardly a crowd-puller you’d think but this interview has rocked the download stats. Not only is he a super funny bugger but he loves his spearfishing and partnering with various citizen science initiatives in the U.K to build and improve relationships between recreational fisherman and ‘green’ groups. This is a cracker chat!

    Emanuel Bova. Spearfishing equipment chat with the man to introduce the roller speargun to many parts of the world. The Mannysub speargun is a force to be reckoned with! Learning about progressive vs reactive rubber, shaft maintenance, spectra vs mono was all pretty interesting and I’m not even a gear dude. Listen into one of our most popular chats.

    Luke Potts. YouTube and Patreon spearfishing video creator Luke Potts has a cult following and for good reason. He’s pragmatic, uber-passionate about reconnecting with our food and combines hunting on land with hunting in the sea. We learn all about hunting the kiwi Snapper and honing your hunting instincts.

    Jose Debasa. Photographer and Videographer of the highest calibre. Jose has a unique style all his own and produces some awesome work for SpearHeads TV and his own Photography business. In this episode learn about editing your spearfishing films including finding royalty free music, adding titles, using B-Roll footage and producing films that people will watch.

    Turbo and I are a little spoilt chatting to these legends every other week. Whether we are talking with someone in Scotland or speaking to someone miles out in the Coral Sea, our interviews never cease to amaze me. Spearfishing truly is a global sport and we all share a bond in harvesting our own food. I love learning about the unique tricks and tips that spearo’s in different parts of the world use. Download our Podcast free on iTunes or Android. Noob Spearo Podcast is proudly brought to you in partnership with Adreno Spearfishing Supplies!