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    WA Undersea Club


    Website: https://waunderseaclub.tidyhq.com/

    The West Australian Undersea Club (WAUC) is the oldest Spearfishing club based in Perth, with a rich history, the earliest mentions we see of the club are from 1964. Its current members are from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from young novice divers in their teens through to old salts that have been diving since the ‘good old days’. WAUC is Australia’s biggest spearfishing club with over 200+ financial members.

    Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month alternating from North to South of the river. We welcome all new members.

    North West Spearfishing Club

    Pilbara region

    Website: https://www.nwsfc.com.au/

    We are situated in Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia with members all throughout WA. As a club we strive for a strong membership base with members that have spearfishing goals and dreams at heart. The club is based on values of integrity and honesty. We abide by WA fisheries and the Department of Transport Marine rules. Our goal is to become one of the premier spearfishing clubs in Australia with members that participate safely and most importantly have a good time doing what we all love. Our club is a community orientated organisation so please feel very welcome to join.

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