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    Victoria is home to an exciting and sustainable spearfishing competition.....The Victorian Challenge.

    The Victorian Challenge

    The Victorian Challenge is focussed on “selective” fishing, which promotes sustainability and conservation within spearfishing and freediving. This element of the competition has raised some interest and has had some incredible results. The selective nature of the Victorian spearfishing challenge is based around the idea of each diver attempting to catch ten different species over six months, with points being awarded according to weight. It is truly a game of strategy as each competitor can only present two species over the six months. You can have your fish weighed at several different locations or the frozen specimens can be weighed at the southern freedivers club. The winner of the Victorian challenge receives the Rob Torelli Perpetual cup as well as the major prizes including wetsuits, spearguns, diving trips and all divers are put in the draw for a major prize.

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