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    Fancy yourself a bit of a designer? Have a lot of creativity yearning to get out? Or just reckon you could make a great spearfishing t-shirt? This competition is for you!

    We're reaching out to fans and spearos to help design new Adreno t-shirts which we will produce and make available on our website spearfishing.com.au!

    You Could WIN: 
    • $250 Adreno Gift Voucher valid online or in-store
    • 3 T-Shirts featuring your design delivered straight to you
    Your Design Entry Must:
    • Use the word Adreno in logo format or any font 
    • Use a maximum of 2 colours (excluding the shirt colour) 
    • Be original and free from copyright
    Optional inclusions:
    • Include terms such as "Ocean Outfitters" or "Est 2001"
    How To Enter:
    1. To get started you can download our T-Shirt templates here. You can make your design on 1 canvas or multiple! 
    2. Post a picture of your completed design on our Facebook post here. Or slide your design straight into our Instagram DMs, message our page here
    Don't have photoshop but have a great spearfishing t-shirt idea? Feel free to hop on a free design program like Canva or Paint and draw up your design that way!

    The competition closes on September 14th midnight, so be sure to get your entries in before then!

    Good luck and have fun! Below are the links to download all files and some designs from us for inspiration. 

    Having trouble downloading the files on mobile? Try the page below.