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    Swains - June 2023

    Spearfishing Trip

    3th - 10th June 2023

    Swains Spearfishing Trip - June 2023

    Swains Spearfishing Trip

    Swains Reef Details

    Departure Location: Gladstone (Ferry Terminal off of Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone. Next to Complete Angler)

    Departure Date: 3rd June 2023

    Return Date: 10th June 2023

    Nights: 6

    Diver Price: $3,500 per person



    Cost: $3,500 per person - $1,000 upfront deposit (non refundable)

    7 day trip to the Swains group of reefs is located 120 nm north east of Gladstone. And spans from as far south as Hixon Cay all the way up to the Ribbon Reefs off of cairns. There are literally thousands of reefs and sand cays that create, arguably, some of the best spearfishing and some of the best examples of colours that the Great Barrier reef has to offer!

    Trip price includes Great Barrier Reef daily charges, all meals, linen, towels, bait, ice, tenders, tea/coffee and a supply of soft drink.

    Guests can BYO alcohol. Mixers are not included in our supply of soft drink. Canned beverages preferred due to safety and rubbish removal.

    The swains reefs offer a little bit more protection from high winds and bad weather and being a little more remote than the Bunker Group, it can take around 12-15 hours of steaming on the mothership before an anchor is set, plenty of time to organise boats, dive buddies, gear checks and a beer or three.

    The Swains is a huge attraction to all Spearfisherman, as it holds such a diverse range of species. In one day, you can go from free swimming Wahoo to Solid Mangrove Jacks on isolated bombies. No matter your quarry, you will be sure to have ample opportunities at bringing home a nice feed of Trout for the friends and family back at home.

    Due to a large amount of gear needed for spearfishing we recommend booking additional luggage for your flight. We also recommend booking an extra 20kg for frozen fish on the flight home.

    Polystyrene fish boxes will be available for $10, they fit around 15 - 20kg per box. Please let us know in advance if you are after more than one box. Captured fish will be filleted and flash frozen with your name on them.



    Divers are to be completely self-sufficient when it comes to gear. This includes spares and repairs. We recommend every diver to bring the following:

    • Float and float line, depths will range from 10m - 30m+, please bring a float line suitable for your diving ability. Large floats are recommended for visibility. Please note that a float line and float with blue and white - Alpha dive flag are MANDATORY

    • 1x 130cm - 140cm twin rubber gun for long shots (clear water) and larger species

    • 1x Backup gun 110cm - 130cm

    • Mask snorkel and fins

    • Weight belt and weights

    • Diving knife and filleting knife

    • 3mm or 5mm wetsuit water temp average 22 - 25 C but can get as cold as 19 - 20 C, most people are more likely to get cold than too hot as you will be in the water for extended periods

    • Flasher and flasher float if you are more interested in chasing Mackeral and Jobfish

    • Zip lock bags or vac sealer (share with a buddy), bring plenty as it is recommended to make smaller fish portions for ease of use once you are home. All fish will be frozen to take home or consumed on the vessel

    • Water proof marker for fish labelling, fish will not be shared around due to the risk of ciguatera in some of the larger coral trout. This ensures each diver is responsible for looking after their own catch

    Recommended spares and optional items:

    • At least 1x spare shaft for each gun, 2 preferred

    • Spare rubbers & tying kits

    • Spare bridles

    • Mono and crimps

    • Spare mask and snorkel

    • Spare knife

    • Spare gloves

    • Dive computer, safely monitor your surface recovery times.

    • Aqua Ear, this helps prevent ear infections use at the end of each day to dry out your ears

    • Antibacterial hand wash, we like to take a Dettol wash for fish spine injuries and coral cuts this works well to stop infection when applied to any small cuts post-dive

    • GoPro or action cam, the fish life and coral is absolutely amazing!!

    • Lycra pants in case the water is hot, these can be worn with a wetsuit top

    • Travel insurance - in case of severe weather or illness

    There is absolutely nothing available for purchase on the boat when it comes to dive or spearing gear.

    Spare items can be shared among the group as to minimise luggage, but that is something you can arrange with your travel buddies!

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