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    Dates: 1st of February 2024 – 29th of February 2024


    Spend* $300 get a $50 Voucher
    Spend* $500 get a $100 Voucher
    Spend* $1000 get a $250 Voucher
    Spend* $2000 get a $500 Voucher

    Terms and conditions

    • *Spend excludes vouchers, coupons and promo codes.
    • Maximum of 1 gift voucher per transaction.
    • The voucher can't be used on the same transaction that the voucher has been issued on.
    • Vouchers are valid from the date of purchase and for 90 days.
    • Customer must register to claim voucher.
    • Promotional vouchers issued In-store must be redeemed In-store.
    • Promotional vouchers issued Online must be redeemed Online.
    • The voucher can't be redeemed on the same transaction that the voucher has been issued on. Customer must register to claim the promotional voucher.

    Vouchers will be voided if the customer returns any of the product purchased during the sale period and associated to the voucher. Vouchers may not be redeemed or sold for cash or gift vouchers.  Adreno reserves the right to refuse the transaction.


    Digital/Online vouchers are emailed automatically after you finalised your purchase, but this can take up to 20 minutes (usually only 1 or 2).

    If you purchase in-store, we will generate your voucher in the same transaction (spend) and give your code (score) along with your receipt.

    No, online vouchers are valid only for online purchases. In-store‎ vouchers work only in-store.

    Vouchers are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. This goes for both online‎ and instore‎ vouchers.

    Online‎ vouchers are emailed to the same email account that you used in the checkout, if you can't find your voucher and you used apple/google pay, please check the email associated with that service.

    In-store Vouchers are supplied at the counter, after you've made your purchase. These vouchers are associated with your customer accounts, we can't provide vouchers without an account.

    Need more info?

    Have any questions about this promotion? Please contact our customer service team directly - when doing so, please include the promotion title in your message.