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    As you can see from this site, Adreno stocks a great range of spearfishing equipment and products...but what do you actually need to get started spearfishing? Like with most sports, spearfishing equipment comes in both budget friendly and top end prices. With such a large selection of spearfishing equipment in stock, it can be hard to decide exactly what you need. Adreno have compiled a list everything you need to get started spearfishing.

    Dive Mask and Snorkel

    A dive mask allows you to see underwater. The snorkel on the other hand is what allows you to breath. You really need to invest in a mask and snorkel to go spearfishing.

    Wetsuits and Stingersuits

    Wetsuits or stingersuits are also a very important piece of spearfishing equipment as they are what you will wear whilst spearfishing. A wetsuit provides the diver with some insulation against the cold whereas the stingersuit is great for warmer parts of Australia where jellyfish are prominent as stingersuits prevent you from being stung or burnt by the sun.

    Spearfishing Fins

    Spearfishing dive fins help propel you through that water whilst spearfishing making it easier and faster to swim from point A to B. Dive fins come in two different types: long bladed, where the foot slides into, and short bladed which uses a strap around your heel to hold the fin on. Most spearfishers prefer the long blade variety of dive fins as they provide more power for less effort.

    Dive Gloves

    Dive gloves are another important piece of spearfising equipment. Spearfishing gloves are basically cotton gloves with grip added to them which allows you to hold fish without them slipping away, or hold onto rocks and reef without being cut.

    Dive Knife

    A spearfisher without a dive knife is like a gun without bullets. When spearfishing you definitely need to take a dive knife as it is used to kill the fish once it has been speared, making it a vital piece of the spearfishing equipment. Additionally, it is unsafe to dive without a dive knife as unexpected tangles may be fatal if you are unable to escape swiftly.


    No sprearfishing equipment set is complete without a speargun. Spearguns are available in a range of different sizes that are suitable for targeting different size fish and depths. The size of the fish you are targeting usually determinse the size of the speargun. An optimum size speargun for a beginner would be something around the 1.1m mark.

    Weights and Weight Belt

    Weights are needed to help the spearfisher get to the bottom without using too much oxygen. A spearfisher should be positively buoyant as far down as 10m so, in the case of a blackout, the spearfisher does not sink. A good guide for whether you have the appropriate weight on your weight belt.

    Float, Floatline and Dive Flag

    A float with a dive flag is a necessity for spearfishing as it alerts boaters to the fact that there are divers in the area and they should not come within 50m of that dive flag. This will prevent possibly fatal or crippling injuries caused by propellers, as well as ensuring your gun is not ripped from your hands if a boat unknowingly motors across your floatline. A further advantage of having a float and float line is that you will be able to let go of your gun when shooting large fish, knowing that you will be able to get to the surface for air while still retaining your gun and catch. Additionally, when shooting into caves, or around rocks and reef, your shaft may get stuck. Having a float and float line means that you are able to easily track down your gun, even in poor visibility or strong current. For these reasons, it is easy to see why a float and clearly visible dive flag are requirements for entering spearfishing competitions.

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