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    Adreno does not currently stock Sea Scooters at this time, however here is some information to help you decide if a sea scooter suits your needs.


    1. What is a sea scooter?

    Sea scooters are water propelled devices which provide divers with a way to travel more quickly and efficiently underwater.  The sea scooter saves energy for the diver as it will transport them across underwater landscapes and down to the depth they require so that less kicking is required when swimming.  This is particularly useful for technical divers that need to carry a lot of kit and additional weight. Sea scooters are lightweight and portable.  The most common design allows you to lie along the device and reach up to use the handle bars to steer and power you along.  This flatbed design makes it easy to get on and off the device when you are in your full scuba kit.

    2. What are sea scooters used for?

    Sea scooters are used in a number of different water based activities including recreational diving, technical diving, blue diving, open water swimming and snorkelling.  They can be used in a number of different water environments including swimming pools, lakes and the open ocean.

    3. What safety features do sea scooters have?

    Because sea scooters are battery powered in most cases they do not actually travel that fast underwater.  This is much safer for both the diver and other water users and allows more control over the device.  Sea scooters will only move forward when the throttle is engaged so this means as soon as you let go of the throttle the sea scooter will automatically stop and float.  This means if you fall off or accidently let go then the sea scooter will not go on without you and you can easily retrieve it.

    4. How long do the batteries on sea scooters last for?

    There are different designs for sea scooters and in general the batteries will last for 60, 90 or 150 minutes of continual use.  Because sea scooters are so lightweight if the battery does run out whilst you are still on a dive you will be able to tow them back to shore/the boat yourself if you have to.  You can easily recharge sea scooter batteries in between dives whilst you are resting so they will last as long as you need them to if you are out on the water all day.

    5. How fast do sea scooters go?

    Sea scooters are not designed to go very fast, but instead they take some of the hard work out of diving by transporting you safely to and from different destinations. The speed is adjustable on most sea scooters but in general they will not go much faster than 3 to 4kmph.  

    6. How are sea scooters powered?

    Most sea scooters are powered by battery and these are rechargeable.  The sea scooter provides forward propulsion through a basic propeller system at the rear.  This is allows you to travel more efficiently underwater when you are diving.  Many sea scooters double as wave riders and submersibles.

    7. Where can I purchase a new battery for my sea scooter?

    Firstly check with the shop you bought your sea scooter from.  They should have supplies for all the products they sell such as new batteries or they may be able to order one for you.  Alternatively you could go straight to the manufacturer.

    8. What happens if the manufacturer no longer supports the model of sea scooter I have?

    Sea scooters can last a long time if you look after them properly and eventually the manufacturer will stop supporting the older models.  This can make it difficult to get parts such as new propellers, batteries and nose cones.  Try ringing around a few dive shops as they may have some old stock left over or know someone who can supply a suitable alternative.  You could also try looking at classified adverts and notice boards in marine and dive shops to see if anyone is selling off old parts they no longer need.  You may also see an old model similar to yours that you could use as a donor vehicle.  Eventually though you are going to have to invest in a newer model as trying to find parts for an old sea scooter can wind up being nearly as expensive as buying a newer one.

    9.  Are sea scooters easy to transport?

    Sea scooters are compact and lightweight so they are easily to lift around and store away.  You should be able to fit a sea scooter into a large estate vehicle or SUV so this means that you will not need to have a separate trailer to transport your sea scooter around.  Most diving boats will be able to store a few sea scooters on-board for use out on diving trips.

    10.  How do you store sea scooters over the winter?

    If you are going to store your sea scooter for long periods of time then make sure you check the device over thoroughly before you put it away.  Check the O-rings are still providing a tight seal and also that the battery is functional.  Give the scooter a clean to remove any residual salts or chemicals and then store in a dry, dark place away from extreme heat or direct sunlight.  Every three months take the battery out and charge it up again to keep it in good condition.  You could also put the battery on a trickle charger so that it is ready to use the next time you need it.  You should replace batteries that are over four years old as typically these are no longer able to hold a charge.  This means that although they may charge up to full they will run down very quickly and could let you down when you are in the water.  Always check the device over again thoroughly after storage to make sure it is fit for use.