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    1.  What are dive bags used for?

    There are a vast number of different dive bags available and these can be used for all kinds of purposes from storing your kit to lifting and carrying items when you are underwater.  With diving bags you do need to make sure you can lift and carry them when they are full, so don’t just buy the biggest bag you can.  It may be easier for you to buy a few bags and distribute the weight of your gear between them.

    2.  How can I keep my equipment dry when transporting and storing it?

    There are a number of waterproof bags available for divers which keep your kit nice and dry when you are out on dives.  These are available in different styles from duffel bags through to backpacks so you should be able to find the right shape to suit your needs. 

    Waterproof bags are ideal for diving and any other water sports so that you can make sure your clothes and any important papers or equipment are kept safe and dry.

    3.  Do I need a regulator bag?

    Regulator bags are handy for keeping all of your equipment organised and protected from damage during storage and transportation.  You do have to take quite a bit of gear out on a dive so it is a good idea to keep essential items separate so that you can find them easily when you need to. Regulator bags are versatile and compact and have a main pocket to hold the regulator and spare pockets for other associated equipment.  Some even have a mesh extension so that you can open up the bag and extend it into a tall kitbag if you want to. 

    4. What bag is best for my air tanks?

    You do need to store and transport air tanks carefully to avoid them getting damaged.  There are a number of special tank bags on the market and you will need to make sure you buy the right size for your tanks.

    5.  Are roller bags any good for dive trips?

    Roller bags are simple carry bags with handles and wheels.  These bags are easy to pull along and take some of the hard work out of transporting lots of kit around with you.  Look out for bags that have detachable travel gear sections so that you can take the wheeled part off when you need to.  Wheeled bags are not so useful in cramped boat conditions so it is good to be able to take this off when you are out on the water.  

    6. How can I make my bags more secure when I am travelling or out on a dive?

    Choose bags that have double zippered sliders.  These can be locked together with a padlock or special bag lock which will prevent anyone from simply undoing your bag to look inside.  You should not leave your luggage unattended on a beach, but if there is really no other alternative you could discourage casual thieves by using a bike lock to attached your locked luggage to a secure fixing such as a rail or post.  Never leave any valuables in your luggage if you are going to do this and take your wallet and keys with you in a special diving 'dry bag'.

    7.  What is a dry bag?

    Dry bags are handy pieces of kit when you are diving.  These completely waterproof bags can be taken on dives to protect small items such as wallets, keys and phones from getting wet.  They are lightweight and easy to attach to your dive belt and will allow you to take your valuable items with you on a dive to keep them safe.

    8.  What is the best type of catch bag to use?

    Many divers prefer spring loaded catch bags as these are much easier to use when you are wearing diving gloves and carrying other equipment such as a spear gun. You can open the bag with one hand and the spring driven mechanism will close the bag automatically.  If you are diving in wrecks then you can also get some catch bags that have fluorescent openings to help you guide items into the bag in low visibility conditions. You should also look out for catch bags that have mesh sections as these allow the water to escape when you return to the surface. 

    9. How do I protect my gauges whilst travelling?

    Gauges can be expensive to replace so it is important to protect them whilst storing them or moving them around.  You can buy special bags that store your regs and gauges safely - they are lined with a sponge to provide additional cushioning against knocks or bangs.

    10.  How can I make it easier to lift my catch bag from the seabed?

    If you are diving for heavier items than a lift bag will make it much easier for you to carry items back up to the surface.  These bags can be inflated underwater using an air-gun or DV to provide a float to offset the weight of the catch bag.  If you are lifting heavier weights from the seabed then you need to ensure you have a strong, durable bag such as those made from heavy duty weldable nylon with reinforced steel handles.  Check the manufacturer's instructions to see how much the bag will lift to help prevent any breakages when you are carrying items to the surface.

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