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    Western Australia may be a fair distance from the popular east coast, however it is home to some great spearfishing locations and hosts an exciting spearfishing competition each year.

    The Glynn Dromey Memorial Shield

    The Glynn Dromey memorial shield is in memory of a passionate spearfisherman who was best known for his penchant for catching pelagic species; in particular, he holds the record for the largest yellow fin tuna and the largest sailfish. Glynn died of cancer in the early 1980’s, this was a sad time in the spearfishing world and with his memory in mind, the competition began in 1996 and has continued every year since. The competition is organised by the West Australian undersea club and is held in Lancelin. The competition is 6 hours long, with points being awarded for one fish per species; however this competition is different in that there are limited species. All fish are entered without guts or gills so they make better eating when the fish are donated or reclaimed. This competition is considered as one of the biggest events for the West Australian spearfishing community with around 40 to 50 world recognized divers competing.

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