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    South Australia is home to some wonderful and challenging spearfishing locations and dive sites. To make these easier to navigate, the dive sites have been broken up into 3 different sections.

    Pt Norlunga Reef

    While you can’t spearfish here, it is still a nice dive site for beginners, kids or experienced divers looking for a fun day. You can enter the water from the ladder at the end of the jetty, and you will find yourself in about 6-8m depth. You will find a healthy fish life of big drummer, sweep, zebra fish and the occasional stingray.

    For first timers or beginners, through to experienced divers, this a great place to dive. Pt Norlunga Reef is an easy dive with plenty of ground to explore, and, being a popular beach with coast guards, you are quite safe. The area is best dived on an easterly wind of no more than 10-12 knots, at low tide.

    Spearfishing Salmon Hole, Beachport

    With a depth of 5m-12m+, and some commonly rough ocean conditions, this spot is more for the experienced spear fisherman. If you do get to dive here, you may come across crayfish, rock-cod, strongies, reef fish, salmon, and abalone. At this spearfishing spot in South Australia, you will find deep water, huge kelp forests and lots of ledges full of abalone and small crayfish.

    Spearfishing Adelaide - Gull Rock, Pt Willunga

    At Gull Rock, located between Pt Willunga and Maslins, just 40 minutes drive from Adelaide, you will find big schools of drummer, strongies, sweep and tommies, as well as snook. You can enter the water straight off the rocks, however, at high tide this may be difficult. To find Gull Rock, head straight out 300-500m from the cliffs. You will find big sections of reef ledges in 7-10m. Click here for map.

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