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    Queensland hosts one big annual spearfishing competition each year....The Queensland State Spearfishing Titles. Queensland is also home to over popular spearfishing tornaments.

    Australian Underwater Federation Spearfishing, Film Fishing, and Fin Swimming Championships

    The Mackay Down under Skindiving Club, AUFQ, Townsville Skindiving Club Inc., is proud to be a part of the 2010 Australian Underwater Federation Spearfishing, Film fishing, and fin swimming championships. This year, the event is being held in the warm clear waters off Cape Gloucester, Queensland. This event is always a mix of old and new friends who enjoy the fascinating sport of spearfishing.

    Queensland State Spearfishing Titles 2010

    The Queensland State Spearfishing Ttitles are held annually and this year are being hosted by the Cairns Underwater Association Inc. It is held over two days with the help of all the members and volunteers who make this such a special event. The cost is generally around $380 for everyone except the juniors who are $280. This year it is being held on the 23rd and the 24th of October however applications have closed. Be sure to keep an eye out for next year’s competition and register!

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