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    Adreno & Your Mates Brewing Co. International Friendship Day Giveaway 
    Submission of entries in the Adreno & Your Mates Brewing Co. International Friendship Day Giveaway (‘the Competition’ 'The Giveaway') is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions').
    1. PROMOTER: This giveaway is held by ADRENO & YOUR MATES BREWING CO
      1. ADRENO (Wholesale Diving Supplies Pty Ltd.), Unit 4, Building 2A/605 Zillmere Rd, QLD Australia, ABN: 17 103 830 048
      2. Your Mates Brewing Co., 41 Technology Dr, Warana QLD 4575, ABN: 36 602 634 257
      3. For queriers related to the promotion contact: sales@adreno.com.au via email
    1. PROMOTIONAL PERIOD: The giveaway promotional period will be 13 days duration with the winner announced within 7 days of the competitions end date
      1. Commencing 0900AEST 17th of July 2023
      2. Final entries close at 1600AEST 31st August 2023
      3. The winner will be drawn and announced within 7 days of the completion of the competition period.
    2. THE PRIZE
      1. The winner will receive the following, with total maximum value of $800. Maximum total prize value will not exceed RRP listed on www.spearfishing.com.au & www.yourmatesbrewing.com
        1. 4x Cartons of Larry's Pale Ale, 2x Larry Iceboxes, 4x Your Mates Brewing Co Stubby Coolers, 2x $200 Adreno online gift vouchers
        2. Products may be subject to availability and stock on hand at the time of choosing.
      2. The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
    3. HOW TO WIN:
      1. The winner will be selected at random
      2. Failure to meet the Terms and conditions will result in immediate disqualification. In this instance, the promoter reserves the right to:
        1. Withhold the prize, or
        2. Select another winner, with or without the official announcement of the new winner
      1. Entrants must be over 18 years old to enter
      2. Entrants must be Australian residents and currently residing in Australia
      3. By subscribing and entering the competition, you agree to have your full name displayed on our various marketing channels as part of the winner announcement.
    5. THE DRAW:
      1. The winner of the competition will be drawn at random from the pool of entrants
      2. The Winner will be notified in writing via the nominated email.
      3. There will be only one prize winner
      4. The results drawn are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
      5. The winners will be contacted no later than 7 days after the close of the competition entry dates.
      6. Prizes will be either collected by or posted to the winners, and logistical arrangements will be handled by the designated marketing team at Devote Digital.
      7. Winners will be required to provide proof of age to receive the prize. Failure to meet the entry requirements of being over the age of 18 will result in the winner being disqualified.
      8. In the instance of an unclaimed prize, winners will be redrawn.
        1. If the competition winner does not respond within 72 hours, a replacement winner may be randomly chosen.
        2. If a replacement winner has to be drawn, details of the winner will not be made publicly available
    6. FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM/META: By entering this competition you agree to release Facebook/Instagram/Meta of any liability or obligation related to the entry and you acknowledge the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook/Instagram/Meta.
    7. CONTRACT LAW: All agreements and contracts shall be subject solely to Australian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.
    8. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Participants have the obligation to ensure entries are received on time.
    9. PERSONAL INFORMATION: The collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided in connection with this competition is governed by the Privacy Laws of Australia. Your personal information shall not be provided to any third parties outside of Wholesale Diving Supplies Pty Ltd and affiliated ADRENO brands.
    10. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS: By submitting your email and/or mobile number you authorise Wholesale Diving Supplies Pty Ltd. (And affiliated Adreno brands) and Your Mates Brewing Co. to be able to contact you with information pertaining to the competition as well as further marketing communications, including but not limited to sales and promotions. All marketing communications will have unsubscribe options to exclude entrants from further marketing related communications not pertaining to the giveaway.