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    The inter-p..what?! You’re right this isn't something that comes up in regular conversation often, especially if you’re not a competition diver, butthis is a competition that gives Australia the chance to compete against other countries like New Zealand, New Caledonia, Hawaii and Tahiti.

    Each year the inter-Pacific Spearfishing Championships alternates between each of these countries and this year is being held in Tahiti! More specifically it’s being held on a tiny remote tropical island 1400km away from Tahiti called Hiva Oa in the french Polynesian the Isle chain, Marquises!

    This year Adreno have teamed up with the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) to donate a total cash pool of nearly $20,000 to help them get there! After all, how could Adreno not contribute and support some of the best divers Australia has to offer when representing the country! 

    How can you help?
    It will cost the team approximately $65,000 in total for the two teams, for their flights, accommodation, expenses and gear! This is where the teams and Adreno ask all our passionate Spearos to come together and help in any way possible by donating a couple of $$ towards representing Australia on an Inter-pacific platform! Even the tiniest of donations is going to make the world of difference to them!

    Australia is going to be up against the odds whilst diving in this known tropical place. The steep volcanic terrain means that within the most dive-able areas, the team will be facing poor visibility, walls and ledges dropping down to between 25-35m, before dropping off the edges into the abyss!

    Who are we backing?
    A panel of judges from the AUF have selected the below based on their ability in competition, the conditions at hand, those with time capacity and availability. Each of these team members have previously won or placed very well in past competitions. Not to mention funding! Which is where we can all get involved!

    The mens team is comprised of 4 team members and the manager who also doubles up as 1st reserve. Starting from the left we have Jarrad McKenzie, Trevor Ketchion, Vin Rushworth, Bryson Shehy and Graham Carlisle. 

    The female team has Katy Rogers and Taylah Martindale with Joe Martindale as the Manager

    More info on the team to come soon!


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