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    Torch maintenance is fairly simple, however if it is neglected, torches will tend to be rebellious! In fact, in some cases, if a torch is faulty and these procedures have not been followed, warranty may be voided!!

    • Always rinse your torch in fresh water after every dive. Soaking in a warm (not hot) water bath (just the same as underwater cameras) WITHOUT any cleaning agent such as wetsuit/gear wash will also help to remove salt deposits.
    • Do not leave your torch to dry in the sun - your O'Rings will thankyou for this!
    • Do not store your torch away damp - this increases the chance of corrosion. Ensure it is dried completely before storage.
    • Each time the torch is opened to replace the batteries, it is vital to remove the O-rings, inspect them for damage and clean off excess grease.
    • Run a cotton bud into the groove where the O-ring sits to remove sand, grit and excess grease.
    • Lightly grease (so it looks wet) the O-ring and replace, ensuring no hairs, dust or grit attach – these can break the seal.
    • DO NOT over-grease the O-ring/s – excess grease makes it likely the torch will leak/flood.
    • Try to make sure there are not massive temperature/humidity changes between the air temperature when the torch is opened/serviced and the water temperature you dive in. A torch opened in a warm environment may fog internally when it cools in cold water – causing condensation/water.
    • Do not store your torch with batteries inside if it will not be used for a period – batteries may leak.
    • Try to use good quality batteries – cheaper versions can leak very quickly if left inside.
    • Red Corrosion internally indicates usually indicated seawater has entered and is rusting metal.
    • Green Corrosion internally usually indicates batteries have leaked acid and is eating metal.

    Follow these guidelines and your torch should be a happy, long-term illuminating friend for you!