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    Our team at Adreno truly care about our oceans and our planet. The ocean not only supports life - it's also our passion and an integral part of who we are, as divers.
    Adreno is committed to tackling our contribution to the huge environmental waste problem, to take steps to reduce our footprint. We don't want to offer a token gesture, but to create cascading change in the water sports industry, to protect our ocean and inspire other businesses to put the environment above profits.

    We believe, as the largest dive store in Australia, that we have a big part to play in keeping our oceans clean, and we have the ability to make significant changes and lead the way.

    Proudly, we’ve already achieved great initiatives over the last 10 years to work towards a better future - from ocean trash collection incentive programs, to removing plastic bags and bleached cardboard boxes from our stores and online orders. We are excited to now be in our second phase where our changes are making a large-scale impact.


    Sure, we have kicked some goals for the environment, but we want to do more! So Adreno brought in environmental and business experts to find out what we can do to increase our environmental impact, and in 2019 we launched the following 4 pronged plan:
    1. Reduce waste in our stores and warehouse, primarily in our customer order packaging [learn more]
    2. Require our suppliers to commit to a 50% reduction of their plastic packaging by 2021 [learn more]
    3. Investing financial support in environmental initiatives  [learn more]
    4. Environmental education and cleanups [learn more]




    Being the biggest dive store in Australia means that changes we make in our business processes can have big impacts on waste generation.

    Adreno's Waste Reduction Timeline:

    • 2013: switched from plastic bags to paper bags in stores
    • 2016: switched from bleached cardboard order packaging to unbleached cardboard
    • 2019: switched to 100% recycled cardboard (no more virgin paper) and store/office recycling process implemented
    • 2020 goal: degradable bubble wrap alternative
    • 2021 goal: implementation of a Green Light Initiative Eco Vision plan to transition our business towards zero waste.




    We often find that our suppliers, in trying their best to provide their products in pristine condition, often use a LOT of unnecessary plastic packaging. At Adreno we believe that you vote with your wallet, so we are partnering with suppliers to reduce plastic packaging in our shipments. 

    Our Pledge: Adreno commits to exclusively doing business with companies that share our care for the environment. We request that any manufacturer or supplier that we receive products from meets the following guidelines:

    • commit to a 50% reduction of their plastic packaging by 2021
    • any use of plastic during manufacturing or wholesale should be re-considered: is it necessary and if so, are there environmentally friendly alternatives?
    • product packaging should not be made from plastic
    • product protection and shipping padding should not be made from plastic
    • all packaging should be minimised and bi-degradable where possible



    Positive Change for Marine Life


    Adreno is proud to sponsor Positive Change For Marine Life, an international environmental organisation that targets marine debris and pollution, which is having a devastating impact on marine ecosystems, as well as on human health. PCFML focus on the potential that waste management, up-cycling and ecotourism can have on transitioning coastal communities away from exploitative industries, whilst improving health, creating employment opportunities and protecting the ocean in perpetuity. Our funds support them in:
    • Addressing plastic pollution at its source;

    • Remediating coastal ecosystems and waterways in need;

    • Designing de-centralised waste management systems;

    • Re-training and employing local community members in ocean friendly industries;

    • Providing hands-on educational programs geared towards a diverse cross-section of society.

    Checkout there website to see their current projects or donate:



    Our Tanks Fills for Trash program encourages our scuba diving customers to clean the ocean as they dive, by offering a free tank fill if they bring a bag of trash that they have collected from the ocean into any of our stores.

    Our amazing team members in-store regularly run cleanup dives to keep our local dive sites clean and safe for marine life. Check your local store for details.

    Stay tuned for local river cleanup projects with PCFML and Keep Australia Beautiful!

    2020 goal: launching a carbon-offset program for each online order.



    We can’t wait to keep you updated on our progress! We hope that you share our passion for the ocean and we look forward to hearing your ideas about how we can work together to make an impact.