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    Enth Degree Thermals are the most technically developed range of thermal clothing and waterwear in the world and are our favourite thermals and undergarments. Enth Degree garments are tough and light, making them ideal all aspects of outdoor, water and adventure activities. By offering three targeted materials, they have managed to make a range for applications that are hot or cold, wet or dry and there are few products that offer as much versatility as the Enth Degree range. Below we look at the 3 material offerings, starting with their warmest material, Fernotherm.

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    Enth Degree Fernotherm3 Thermal Material

    enth degree fernotherm 3


    • Hydrophobic Outer Jersey: Enth degree show off their tech whenever they get the chance, but when it comes to the outer lining of Fernotherm3 we are all ears. Water forms beads when in contact with the surface of the garment, forcing it to 'run' off without 'moistening' the material itself. We consider this external lining as the most durable anti-wind chill jersey in the thermals market. The material itself is comprised of nylon, elastane and lycra.
    • Soft-touch inner lining: warmth and comfort are what you are looking for in thermal water clothing and the Fernotherm3 fleece from Enth nails both elements. It feels great on the skin and in a dream world, all water garments would have this lining.
    • Heat retention: the hydrophobic outer jersey provides warmth by expelling moisture but when it comes to retaining heat Enth has placed a windproof PU membrane that reflects the heat back to your core. Small perforations optimise the flexibility and heat, this technique is known as advanced dot lamination.
    • Extracts cold moisture: the hydrophobic nature of the material helps to drain cold water away from the garment. Wicking is the action whereby air draws moisture from a material. Both of these actions combine to ensure maximum dryness.
    • 50+ SPF UV protection


    Enth Degree Activflex Material

    enth degree activflex thermals


    • Four-Way Stretch: gives the wearer the most freedom of movement, ensuring comfort and flexibility.
    • Brushed internal fleece lining: Enth's soft fleece lining is extremely comfortable but offers the wearer rash protection, mild heat retention and comfort.
    • Breathable: the technical fleece of Activflex leads the market as, unlike almost all fleece and polyfleece garments we see, Activflex does not feel like plastic bag and lets your body breathe!.
    • Exposure resistant: 50+ SPF!



    Enth Degree Coolvent Material

    • Channel Flow Weave: a structured weave designed to dry quickly, this results in a dryer garment therefore less wind-chill and rashing.
    • Airflow: the coolvent fabric is not designed to keep you warm, but keeps you protected in warmer temperatures from sun and wind exposure. A key element to Activflex is that it helps to reduce overheating in your core, which can be a problem with cheap synthetic fleeces.
    • Breathability: Because Activflex is the least warm material, it is logical that they give priority to breathability and we are pleased to note the internal lining that mitigates rashing, a common problem in loose wet shirts.
    • 50+ SPF UV protection 

    Enth Degree from Enth Degree on Vimeo.