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    Adreno have collated a great selection of spearfishing and freediving information that will be valuable to both beginners, as well as more advanced spearfishers. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What spearfishing equipment do I need to get started?” or “What do I do if I see a shark?”. We’ve got the answers to all those spearfishing questions and also have information on spearfishing ethics, spearfishing safety and medical advice. Finally, if you’re after a few general spearfishing tips, you’ve also come to the right place.

    Watch our how to videos and learn how to use your gear to the best of it's ability.

    Visit our PDF guide page to learn how to set up your modular foot fins,

    Visit our blog page to read our spearfishing blogs where you will find loads of information on spearfishing tips,

    Visit our dive sites page to check out awesome spearfishing locations,

    or visit our Youtube Spearfishing page for more How to spearfishing videos.