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    Scuba Regs & Occy's - What You Should Know?


    The Basics

    Scuba Regulators and Occy's comprise of two main parts, these are:

    >> First Stage - this is the part of the regulator which connects to the air tank/ cylinder by either a YOKE or DIN connection (the type of connection depends on whether the Cylinder you are using has either a YOKE or DIN connection also). The first stage changes the air pressure from the tank through the hose to the Second Stage.

    >> Second Stage - this is the part of the regulator which helps assist in passing air from the tank to your mouth. The second stage helps your to breathe in and out and is where the purge valve and mouthpiece is positioned.

    Balanced or Unbalanced Regulators

    Balanced or Unbalanced that is the question. The first stage is categorised by either; unbalanced air flow which requires you to breathe harder the deeper underwater you go and balanced air flow which will provide consistent air flow regardless of how deep you are:

    >> Balanced Air Flow - ideal for deeper diving and/ or colder water

    >> Unbalanced Air Flow - best used for diving in shallow and/or warmer waters.

    How to care for your Regulator and/ or Octopus

    Before every dive make your safety checks to ensure your regulator is working correctly before you jump in the water. After each dive ensure you thoroughly clean your regulator so it doesn’t corrode or perish with the salt - simply rinse thoroughly with fresh water and then place a small amount of BCD or Wetsuit Wash into a bowl of warm water and wash your regs (be careful to keep your YOKE or DIN Connection protected from the water), then do a final rinse and carefully hang your regs to dry. Servicing will be required generally every year or as per manufacturers specifications to make sure your gear is in safe working order.


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