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    • The 20% off Almost All Wetsuits discount is applicable to wetsuits available for sale during the promotional period, with the exception of Torelli branded wetsuits.
    • The promotion commences on 08/05/2024 and concludes on 19/05/2024. The discount is valid only for transactions completed within this timeframe.
    • The discount is exclusively applicable to wetsuits and does not extend to any other merchandise, services, or shipping fees.
    • This discount cannot be combined with any concurrent promotions, offers, or discounts unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    • The discount is valid for both online and in-store purchases, contingent upon product availability.
    • Refunds or exchanges for discounted items adhere to the store's standard return policy. The discount will not be retroactively applied to prior purchases.
    • The store retains the right to amend or terminate the promotion at its discretion, without prior notification.
    • This discount does not extend to wholesale or bulk orders.
    • By participating in this promotion, customers acknowledge and agree to comply with these specified terms and conditions.

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    Have any questions about this promotion? Please contact our customer service team directly - when doing so, please include the promotion title in your message.