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    YouTube's Best Spearfishing Channels in 2022 

    May 16, 2022 3 min read

    YouTube's Best Spearfishing Channels in 2022 

    I think we can all agree that spearfishing is an addictive lifestyle, 

    That’s why we all need a list of crash hot YouTubers who can help us during the dry spells, inclement weather and busy lifestyles that us adults must wade through.

    Here are the top 20 spearfishing YouTubers as voted by the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook as well as a whole bunch more notable legends making cool vids for us all. 

    1. Daniel Mann
    2. Back2Basics 
    3. Aquatic Rehab 
    4. Wet Mammal
    5. Young Bloods
    6. Ryan Myers Expeditions
    7. Submerged Psychos
    8. Ollie Craig
    9. Harry Lindley
    10. Sailing Popao
    11. Key West Waterman
    12. David Ochoa
    13. Coatesman
    14. Exhale Adventures
    15. Kimi Werner
    16. Joe PK
    17. EJC Adventures with Ethan Yeo
    18. African Spearfishing Diaries
    19. Rokkit Kit
    20. Wettie TV

    1: Daniel Mann

    We love Daniel Mann because he pulls the ego out of our spearfishing. He teaches us cool stuff and shares his failures and lessons learned. He gets involved and engages with Noobs in the comments of his vids all the time. It’s a big effort given that he has over 160k subscribers. Thanks for doing what you do for our community Dan!


     2. Back2Basics

    Strick, Az, Fran and their friends and family are legitimately thoughtful, good people who happen to live in paradise. They also chase adventure and ooze passion for the spearing lifestyle.


    3. Aquatic Rehab | Luke Potts

    Luke has a distinctive laid back, authentic, kiwi storytelling style that captures the Bronze Whaler plagued waters of the Auckland (and surrounding) area. Big Snapper, Kingfish and blokey boat banter are mandatory inclusions in each vid (I love it).


    4. Wet Mammal | Sam Clothier

    This guy does spearfishing video logs with a mullet and a Dorset accent. It’s a unique combination and he digs adventure. From week long hike and spear trips to his most recent several months in Fiji, he eats, shits and breathes spearfishing.


    5. Young Bloods | Brodie Moss

    Brodie Moss is a YouTube star with the channel's roots in spearfishing (YBS=Young Bloods Spearfishing). He used to be an electrician before becoming Youtube famous and living the Exmouth outdoor adventure life full time. 


    6. Ryan Myers Expeditions

    Hawaii based Florida man Ryan Myers loves the deep reef drops and explaining his process in a captivating way. If you want to learn to hunt reef species, you can’t go past this channel. Smash that like button and be sure to subscribe!


    7. Submerged Psychos

    Incredibly misunderstood humourist Trevor Ketchion creates these videos for hardcore spearos who appreciate his eccentric (and hilarious) take on spearing. Here is an example:


    8. Ollie Craig | Primal Pursuit

    This guy came on my radar only about 12 months ago and his channel will only continue to grow. Clever shots and transitions with phenomenal narration, Ollie hunts, explores and spears some of the most amazing places in New Zealand.


    9. Harry Lindley

    Cronulla based legend Harry Lindley travels and shares adventures. Like most spearos he's down to earth and his videos are natural and capture the excitement of dive trips so they make solid Sunday viewing.


    10. Sailing Popao | Michael Takach & Jessie Cripps

    Michael and Jessie bought and refitted a catamaran several years ago and they've made videos the whole time! They were frothing spearos living and working around Australia before deciding to go the ocean life full time. Now they spear, sail and explore full time!


    Rounding out the Top 20. Here is a video from each!


    Key West Waterman



    David Ochoa




    Exhale Adventures


    Kimi Werner


    Joe PK


    EJC Adventures with Ethan Yeo


    African Spearfishing Diaries


    Rokkit Kit


    Wettie TV


    Other Noteworthy Spearfishing YouTubers (in no particular order)

    Braden Sherron

    Aquatic Apes

    Daniel Jones Adventures

    All Things Ocean

    Manny At Sea 

    Souls Untapped

    Salty Monkeys

    Spearo Life

    Derek (Deeper Perspectives)


    Jamie Spearfishing

    Kevin Daly

    Strictly Spearfishing

    Zero to Spearo

    Jack Wreck Adventures

    Horny Spearos

    Wayne Judge


    Lauren Sarasua

    Antoni Eesti 

    Depth Wish

    PNW Samson

    Painted Clay | No Viz Adventures

    Back Reef Sessions

    Zachary Schmidtt


    Immersion Fiji

    Spearfishing Pastor

    Skye Spearfishing

    Julian Attrill

    Mark Healey


    Kerry Flowers Kayak Fisherman


    Hunters and Drifters

    Spencer Allen

    Hohnke Outdoors

    Chris Bamman

    Nautical Productions

    Adventureman Dan

    Captain Milk

    Kai Downunder



    Sailing la Vagabond

    Hero Spearo