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    Woolworths and Coles selling Blacktip Shark meat - potentially not!

    June 21, 2011 1 min read

    Coles selling Blacktip Shark

    Back in Episode 1 of Sarah Shark we sent a letter to both Woolworths and Coles about the selling of blacktip shark meat in their stores. We outlined that the meat they sell (Blacktip Shark) is not a sustainable food source and that choosing to sell an unsustainable species - be it shark, fish or alike - at such mass quantities is fueling the process of over harvesting out Oceans.

    We originally had plans to wait and detail their response in "Episode 2: Great White - The Infamous Shark" however the response we have received, especially the one from Coles, is a response we shouldn't keep to ourselves.

    See below for the positive response we got back from Coles...

    Response from Coles regarding selling Blacktip Shark meat

    We failed to hear back from Woolworths for quite some time so we sent them a follow up email and this is what we recieved back;

    Woolworths selling Blacktip Shark Meat

    While both Supermarket chains are working on Sustainable practices it seems that Coles have perhaps got the edge over their competitor in terms of actioning a fullysustainable seafood section in the very near future.

    Furthermore, the Sarah Shark team are organising interviews with both representatives from Coles's WWF and Woolworths SFP to see how sustainable their practices are and whenwe will start to see things change. These interviews will be showcased in Episode 2.

    Here's to sustainable seafood and with all hope, a sustainable Sea.

    Sarah Shark www.sarahshark.com