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    Why Change From Line Fishing To Spearfishing?

    November 10, 2017 2 min read

    Why Change From Line Fishing To Spearfishing?

    Words by Noob Spearo’s Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly

    We've all seen it. That bloke with his mates pulling up to the boat ramp with rocket launchers bristling.  The latest rods and reels sparkle in the sun and 4 of the happiest fellas in the world laugh together as they launch the boat and get settled in for a ride out to a new 'secret' mark that the skipper has got hold of. 12 hours later, sunburned, tired, and despondent, the formerly jovial guys hop back into the skippers truck and head for the pub. There won't be any fish for proud girlfriends, wives or children. There are no snapper to share with your neighbor who promised to do the floor tiling in your bathroom for that fish you were going to give him. Ah well, there's always next week fellas.....

    It doesn't have to be like that....

    4 reasons why you should try spearfishing

    1. Fish for days

    While you won't always shoot fish when you start spearfishing, you will see them all the time. If you think fish look good on the deck of a boat, you will be far more impressed with how impressive they look underwater. All the time and money you've invested in learning about fish won't be wasted either. Line fisherman often have a great fish sense as they understand where to find fish, when to target them, and what they eat. This is a great advantage.

    2. Spearos get the girls

    85% of spearos have hot girlfriends or wives and the other 15% have more than 1.

    3. Overcome the 'shark' fear

    Fear of sharks is the number 1 concern for most people starting spearfishing. Once you get in the water you'll quickly learn that sharks are not usually a concern and when you do see them, its often a phenomenal encounter. Capitalize on this fear by taking a GoPro along with you and share your experiences with your mates. You will be their hero.

    4. Shed some pounds

    Smashing back tinnies with your mates while you all hold slack fishing rods can become a thing of the past. You'll be in the water hunting and employing some of your prehistoric abilities. Spearfishing demands 100% physically and mentally and this is why its one of the most satisfying experiences on planet earth.

    Further thoughts

    Many people that come from line fishing have some advantages over spearos who don't share this background. Fish sense and understanding your target are top skills to possess for the underwater hunter.

    There are some things to learn though like freediving (holding your breath), equipment (not complicated but there is a learning curve) and how to put all of these skills together in the water. Its not so daunting though when you have resources around like Adreno's how-to spearfish video series on YouTube and the Noob Spearo Podcast.

    Ditch the rod and get bulk GFs😜

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