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    What Gear to Pack for a Spearfishing Charter

    March 12, 2014 2 min read

    People always ask me , Robbie how many speargunsand how much gear do you take on a spearfishing trip.

    I always say, as much as my gear bag can hold! I seem to over pack almost all of the time, too many spear shafts too many spearguns, too many floats. But when you are hunting large Pelagic fish like Dogtooth Tuna, too much gear is often never too much!


    Robbie, Adreno's General Manager, with just some of the gear he is taking on his trip!

    I have seen complete gun rigs including large hard and inflatable floats disappear on a large fish after only being in the water for a few hours only to be left with no more gear for the rest of the trip.

    Tomorrow we are heading to Port Douglas in an attempt to make it to Osprey Reef. I have packed a Riffe Mach5for the Dogtooth, a 130cm Beuchat Marlin Oceania for reef Fish, a custom 50cm gun for diving in caves and 2 Roller guns for testing. The new Beuchat Carbon Roller and the Picasso Roller115cm.

    Roller guns are new to me so I am really keen to see how they work. We are also including in the test Omer Roller, Aimrite Roller and Roller Power Head Performance Speargun.

    What you see in the pic is just what’s in my gun bag, for this trip I am using the Cressi large padded gun bag which is great on planes. The thing about Spearfishing is there is often no right or wrong way to land that fish of a lifetime, but if you want to land them consistently you have to have good quality gear and gear that is familiar to you. When you are in the moment the last thing you want to thinking about is how the hell does this all work.