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    What Gear Do You Need For Spearfishing?

    September 25, 2020 4 min read

    spearfishing float

    Getting started in spearfishing might seem overwhelming, especially with the amount of things you have to learn and the spearfishing gear you need. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Before you start spearfishing, here’s a list of must-have spearfishing gear for spearo beginners like you:

    What are the essential spearfishing gear you need?

    Spearfishing Mask and Snorkel

    Mask and snorkel are some of the most essential bits of gear you need for spearfishing. The mask helps you see underwater and without it, it would be impossible to dive. While the mask lets you see with your face underwater,  the snorkel lets you breathe comfortably on the surface while you explore and hunt around for fish. You’ll need a snorkel so you can keep your head down.

    Spearfishing Fins

    There are a number of options for spearfishing fins including carbon, fibreglass, or thermoplastic fins. Spearos generally use specialised spearfishing fins that are narrower and longer than the fins used for scuba diving or snorkelling. Spearfishing fins are designed to provide maximum propulsion with the least amount of effort. This helps reduce your energy and oxygen consumption, extending your dive and breath hold time. 

    Speargun or Hand Spear 

    Your speargun is also an important part of your spearfishing gear list. You can choose from a pole spear or a speargun. Pole spears are a great and affordable way to get introduced to spearfishing. However, to be successful at pole spearing is quite challenging because you have to get very close to your target.

    When it comes to spearguns, as a new spearo, it would help you to know the basics first before you start using spearguns which are a bit more technical to use. The last thing you want to get into whilst you're in the water is being surrounded by line with a gun that you don’t know how to reload, and a rough current, not knowing what to do next. So it’s best to keep it simple at first. You can start hunting in shallow-surf zones with pole spears, or ensure you’re familiar with how to load a speargun after you’ve shot it.

    Spearfishing Float and Float Line

    Now the float and float line is all about your safety, making it a vital bit of gear. Floats serve as a surface marker buoy to let other divers and boats know where you are in the water and to attach your speargun to so that it doesn’t get lost after you’ve shot a fish. Floats are essential for safe diving because they allow your spearfishing buddy to know where you are exactly. Without a float, you are nearly invisible in the water. You could be down 15 meters and the vis might be 10 metre. If there's no sign of you from the surface, and you don’t have a float and a float line, how will your buddy know where you're going to come up? It’s vital that your dive buddy knows where you are at all times, so they can assist you if you get in trouble or suffer from a Shallow Water Blackout. 

    Float lines are attached to the float and the butt of a speargun. They are used to allow the spearo to shoot larger fish. Once you shoot a fish, you can let go of your speargun and return to the surface for air. Once at the surface, you can then grab your float line and pull your speargun and fish in. In case the spear becomes lodged at the bottom, you can let go of your gun and return for air then find your gun again once you have breathed up.

    Apart from ensuring you can find your speargun after shooting a fish, a float and float line while spearfishing could save your life in more ways than one - a spearfishing float can save you from a boat strike, from being lost at sea and not easily found, or from your buddy not knowing where you are underwater to assist!

    Dive Knife

    You can use a knife to free yourself from entanglement. There could be a lot of spearfishing gear, seaweed, and other objects as you swim underwater and if you get entangled, you will need to have a dive knife to cut yourself free. If you're ever caught in a situation where there’s a large wave or a squall coming and you have to free your boat very fast, a knife is important to cut your anchor line. You can also use a knife to spike your fish as they don’t usually die right away after being speared, so you will always need to carry a dive knife when you go spearfishing to properly dispatch your catch.

    Spearfishing Wetsuit

    Another spearfishing gear must-haves are wetsuits. You can get cold quickly while spearfishing. A wetsuit will keep you warm whilst in water, and protect you from abrasive reef, jellyfish, spiny fish and sunburn. You need a wetsuit that fits you well and is thick enough to protect whilst still providing comfort.Adreno spearfishing has a wide range of spearfishing wetsuits you can buy online. Here’s how you canchoose the perfect wetsuit for you.

    Weights and Weight Belt

    Finally, weights and weight belt. Swimming in salt water and with a neoprene wetsuit will make you buoyant. Weights on a weight belt will allow you to dive comfortably in the water. If you dive in deep, you need a rubber belt, and the sufficient weights to be able to balance your wetsuit and your body size. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right weight as being too heavy can put you in danger and being too light can make it very difficult for you to dive and hunt. A good rule of thumb is to remain buoyant at 10m depth and you should not be sinking while relaxing on the surface. 

    If you need additional tips and guidance on how to properly get started with spearfishing, visit theAdreno Spearfishing Blog now! You can also check out our massive range ofspearfishing gear at the lowest prices!