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    We created the largest marine reserve ever

    July 05, 2012 1 min read

    We created the largest marine reserve ever

    In June the Federal Government announced the creation of the world's largest marine reserve network ever created. It places around 2.3 million km2 of Australia's oceans into some form of reserve, which will stop the most damaging types of fishing such as bottom trawling -the clearfelling of the sea.

    This amazing achievement could not have happened without the extraordinary help of all the scuba divers who have read our various blogs about this subject and supported organisations such as The Wilderness Society and Protect Our Coral Seas. We at Adreno are proud of having been part of this historic achievement, for we know many of our customers and staff members have signed the petitions.

    The marine reserve will include 850,000 km2 fully protected as sanctuary - the equivalent of national parks. This is the single largest area that any country has ever protected, on land or sea, at any one moment - ever. The fully protected areas are larger than all of Germany and Spain combined.

    Australian Marine Reserves Network

    For the first time Australia will have marine parks all around our vast island continent, not just on the Great Barrier Reef and a few other important sites.

    It is a vivid reminder of what can be achieved when so many people have a shared vision of an Australia that is still wild and free. We live on an amazing blue planet and today a big part of it has been protected for you and future generations to come.


    Source: The Wilderness Society Inc