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    WaterProof Wet and Drysuits

    April 05, 2011 1 min read

    We're excited to have just received a shipment of 5 different styles of wet and drysuits from WaterProof Wetsuits. Waterproof Wetsuits is one of the leading wetsuit & drysuit manufacturers in the world and have over 25 years of experience in this field. Waterproof Wetsuits have won numerous awards for their range of dive gear.

    Their products are renowned for their amazing fit, their high level of comfort, extreme durability and a commitment to exceeding even their own um-comprising high standards. Here are the great WaterProof wetsuit products we now have in stock.

    WaterProof Capri Wetsuit RRP:$299...Adreno's price, $179

    Tusa Splendive IV Semi-dry RRP: $299...Adreno's price, $179

    WaterProof Cetus Drysuit RRP: $1399...Adreno's price, $989

    WaterProof Draco Drysuit RRP:$2399...Adreno's price, $1299

    WaterProof Aquila Drysuit RRP: $2799...Adreno's price, $1499

    We only have certain sizes available and it varies between the suits so be sure to get in quick before the popular ones sell out.