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    To Pee or Not to Pee - That is the question.

    August 01, 2012 3 min read

    To Pee or Not to Pee - That is the question.

    One of the worst smells on a boat, even worse than the guts of a surgeon fish, or the esky that hasn't been properly cleaned, is the smell of a spearfishing wetsuit that hasn't been washed properly - especially if the owner enjoys the occasional wettie warmer!

    Ahhh the wettie warmer. It's a topic that creates a warm and fuzzy feeling in some, and one of disgust in others. But what are the facts behind it? Should you pee in your wetsuit? The following information was taken from an article by Ernest S Campbell, MD.

    The Embarrassment Factor

    There is a well-worn joke that divers belong to two schools regarding peeing in their wetsuit: those who do and those who lie about it. If you do have to pee in your wetsuit, know this:

    If you’re well-hydrated, your urine will be nearly clear and odorless. Almost like water. So who’s to know?

    There’s no health risk to peeing in your wetsuit.

    Most people don’t realize that urine is sterile, unless you already have an infection of the urinary tract. The more water you drink, the less smelly your pee will be. The worst you have to fear is a case of diaper rash if the urine stays against your skin several hours, and this too is less of a problem when your urine is diluted. Solution: Open your wetsuit under water and rinse it between dives.

    The Warmth Factor

    True or false? Urinating in a wetsuit is a quick way to warm up. False, and here’s why: You may feel warm initially, but it will actually lower your body’s warmth. And, if you’re wearing a tight-fitting wetsuit that doesn’t flush easily, a semi-dry or dry suit, then this warming-up technique loses a lot of its appeal.

    What To Do with a Wetsuit that Stinks

    This is where Ocean Fresh Wetsuit and Swimwear wash comes in.

    To deodorize, remove the salt and rid the wetsuit of any smelly bacterias, always use Ocean Fresh to care for your wetsuit. Fill the bath tub, or any tub, with water and add a small amount of Ocean Fresh wash to the water. Stir your wetsuit around and let it soak, along with all of your other diving equipment. Remove, rinse in hot fresh water (take it in the shower with you if you want!) and hang on a wide hanger to keep the front and back of the suit apart so it can dry more quickly.

    Buy a 1L bottle of Ocean Fresh online now for just $14.95.

    About Ocean Fresh

    Ocean Fresh Wetsuit & Swimwear washwas designed by a group of watersports lovers to combat the effects which sal, chlorine and bacteria can have on our dive equipment such as wetsuits, BCDs, swimwear and dive accessories.

    Wetsuit & Swimwear wash from OceanFresh is a unique Australian-made formula which fights to eliminate the odours associated with prolonged wetsuit use, the deteriorating affects of salt and chlorine, as well as premature aging of your products.

    A complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all watersports gear, this wetsuit and swimwear wash will remove damaging salt, chlorine and bacteria to leave your equipment clean and fresh after each use.

    How to use Wetsuit & Swimwear wash:

    1. Simply place your wetsuit and gear in a large tub of hot or luke-warm water and mix the desired amount of OceanFresh Wetsuit & Swimwear wash in. Dilute up to approximately 300:1.

    2. Hand was the items using a kneading motion.

    3. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and air dry.

    4. Store away from heat and sunlight.