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    Dr Whoo thinks he is a spearo read on to have your vote...

    August 03, 2012 4 min read

    Dr Whoo thinks he is a spearo read on to have your vote...

    After waiting weeks for a break in the weather around SE Qld we finally had a couple of days late last week with a good forecast to hit the road and head to Burnett Heads near Bundeburg for a few days spearing.

    We left Brisbane around 3pm so we could miss the peak our traffic build up, "nek minute" that idea went to shit and we coped about a 30min delay. We thought that's no big problem.

    We got off the Bruce Hwy and started to close in on Bundeburg, I thought this is a crappy road for a town with 30,000 people, "nek minute" the boat trailer started to wobble and then crunch the hub hit the road after the wheel flew off! On with the hazard lights as we tried to pull off the road. "No boat damage thank the fish gods"

    Call RACQ, 30mins later a tray top arrived with a very friendly bloke. (Kev mentioned Wolf Creek that bloke was very friendly) Load up boat and trailer and off to Childers we head. Spend the night sleeping in the car outside the RACQ workshop with Rocky the local guard dog watching over the boat and gear.

    By 8-30am one off the mechanics was on the job and by 9-30am we were on the road. We pulled up at the spot the hub hit the road to have a crack at finding the wheel that we need as a spare, "nek minute" Kev rings he has found the wheel and the bearing buddy. Unbelievablethe trip is still all go.

    Get to Burnett Heads, ice up and head to the Herald Patches 70ks offshore. 40ks in all going well, "nek minute" whales ahead, we pull up and in they came for a look. Feeling warm and fuzzy we head off.

    About 2pm hit the patches, take 4 shots with Aimrite 1.2 and take 4 nice fish including this ripper 5kg Red Throat Emperor. Found a bit of ground with a mark on Kev's phone GPS app thing and anchor up for the night.

    Next morning keen for some serious hunting, Kev starts retrieving the anchor, problem it's stuck, "nek minute" snap the rope cuts and we have lost the anchor, not so warm and fuzzy now.

    We decide to drift to mid afternoon and then we will have to head back, cutting our trip short by a day.

    Ok, out with my GPS and head to HP1 mark, take a couple of fish here but not real fishy today so after 2-3 drifts move to HP2 mark do a couple of drifts and this spot has potential with plenty of baitfish and surgeons hanging around, "nek minute" I see an anchor, I yell to Kev mark this spot there is an anchor, I am able to keep the anchor in sight as Kev throws me the ski rope on board. (All readers beware salvaging anchors is only for the very experienced as it is very dangerous)

    So I make a hitching loop on the rope and dive to the anchor 15m below, hook it up and make sure it is clear, hit the surface and pass Kev the rope. I jump on the back of the boat and up comes the anchor. Guess what it is my anchor. Unbelievable we found the anchor we lost on a massive reef area by chance! Now we are talking Lotto tickets!!!

    Feeling warm and fuzzy we get back into the spearing, I shoot a couple of Spanish Macs and a mixed bag of Reef fish, the esky is starting to look good.

    Then about mid afternoon the wind freshens from the NW, concerning because this was not forecasted. I contact the VMR Bundy for a weather update and get a strong wind warning for the night and next day. 25 – 30 Knots sort of warning.

    S**t! with the wind building to 15-20 knots we start making a run for shore, we get pounded for the next 2-3 hours. With the sun setting, big seas, lightning and the Burnett Heads light house in sight we slowly close in on the channel. "Nek Minute" we are being followed by a massive storm cloud, like from Armageddon. We make the channel with Armageddon cloud above us and she opens up belting down heavy rain, just what you need 1k from land.

    "Now we are really having Fun"

    We get dry, warm and feed and decide to sleep in the car at the free caravan stop at Apple Tree Creek, just north of Childers. Good plan. Next morning we hit the road at 4-30am, drive for 30mins and guess what there has been an accident and the Hwy is closed. We sit and wait for an hour in disbelief.

    On the road again we put in another 40mins, feeling a bit tried we pull up to swap drivers. "Nek minute" Kev notices a bulge on the wall of the left hand trailer tyre???? Now, I know that's a blow out waiting to happen. Out with the jack and on with the wheel that flew off the trailer and was found in the Macadamia farm. "Outrageous Disbelief"

    Finally we are within 2 hours of Brisbane and guess what "We start planning our next trip???"

    Does this make Dr Whoo a Spearo??? Like this blog to vote yes!

    PS: To have a laugh about "Nek minute" get on Youtube, search "nek minute" and look for the lad with a scooter.