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    The mission to meet the Great White Sharks of Neptune Island - Day 1

    July 08, 2011 2 min read

    (I wrote these blogs while away, however due to being in and out of reception areas etc I couldnt upload them at the time, so here they are!)

    Day 1 - permanent back damage, luggage tetris and shark merchandise!

    After carefully shoving my BCD, regs, beuchat wetsuit, boots, gloves, fins, masks and my winter woollies into a bag I was set to take on the world. The Sarah Shark director Kieren and I boarded our midday flight destined for Adelaide.

    Sarah Shark at Vigin Airport

    The first Sharks of the trip were found in the airport gift shop in the form of pencil cases, tshirts and stubbie holders, so we begun taking photos with anything Shark related.

    Kieren Curry at airport with Shark merchandiseSarah Shark at airport with Shark merchandiseAfter landing in Adelaide we picked up our hire car.... A Toyota camry sedan. We loaded it with 2 sets of dive gear, 2 bags of clothes, and of course our prized possession - the camera and underwater housing. With more brawn than brains we got the boot and doors closed and were feeling pretty good about ourselves until we realised – with 2 more divers set to be joining us – that this car was not going to be big enough.

    Sarah Shark and Toyota Camry

    Our third member of the adventure, Mel Kershler landed at 7pm by which stage Kieren and I had upgraded to our next hire car - Holden Commodore Wagon. We started to re-load all our gear plus Mels but were smart enough this time to realise that this car was also not going to be big enough. Time for upgrade number two!

    By the time our fourth member and co-producer, Seanna Cronin touched down at 10:30pm we had the car sorted - a brand spanka Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD.

    We drove 40 minutes to Audrey’s house (a local diver and friend of ours) to crash for the night. We spent the remainder of the evening gearing up the cameras and going over the following days plan. A foreign bed had never felt so good.

    Stay tuned!