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    The Adreno Treasure Hunt is Back

    August 01, 2011 1 min read

    You asked for it so it's back...this time with an awesome Contour GPS Camera and 420V Underwater Housing worth $998 up for grabs.

    Contour are the market leader in hands-free video cameras and adventure storytelling tools that enable modern day explorers to tell their stories of action, adventure and travel through video. Leading the way in making action video easy to shoot and share, Contour is dedicated to creating simple tools that enable hands-free capture and effortless sharing of video online with the world. But how do you win one? EASY!

    Throughout August we will be hiding Golden Fish on both www.scubadiving.com.au and www.spearfishing.com.au. All you have to do is find a Golden Fish that hasn't already been found and post a link to where you found it on either our Scuba Diving or Spearfishing Facebook walls.

    Golden Fish are an elusive species that are hard to spot so keep an eye out in product descriptions, images, in text links, there are lots of different places where you might find a hidden Golden Fish so keep your eyes open.

    Don't worry if they are proving a little hard to find, we will release clues every day to help you find them, however don't necessarily wait for those as you don't want to miss out on your opportunity to be in the prize draw and win this awesome camera.