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    Sundive Photo Shoot-out 2012

    September 03, 2012 2 min read

    Firstly, yes, the Sundive photo Shoot-out was "aaaaggeees" ago. However, I was looking back over the photos the other day and it sparked me into wanting to share them .. again. So here it is.

    From the 2nd to the 10th of June divers waddled their way to Sundive at Byron Bay. They suited up, locked cameras in housings and rolled into the cooling waters of Julian Rocks, all in the hope of taking home one of the epic awards!

    Visibility was down which paved the way for macro photographers and provided a nice challenge for those attempting wide angel shots. For the videographers, it meant finding unique ways to shoot your objects.

    Heres a few of my fave pics ...

    Sarah Shark
    An unreal shot of some small fish taking shelter in a 'broken' jellyfish. Photographer: Christine Hamilton
    An awesome shot of Lynton Burger. Defines the underwater photographer. Taken by Ken Thongpila
    Sarah Shark
    I'm a sucker for a stormy ocean, and I love the feel of this pic. Photographer: Catherine Marshall
    Sarah Shark
    The Nobel Spaceship. Phenomenal shot by Lynton Burger. This pic won the Peoples Choice Awards.
    Sarah Shark
    Look at the curly toes! Photographer: Christine Hamilton
    Sarah Shark
    A captivating shot of a moray. Photo by Christine Hamilton
    Sarah Shark
    The ultimate wobbey shot. Photographer: Ryan Pearson
    Sarah Shark
    A photo of life. Photographer: Ken Thongpila

    These pictures are just a few of the amazing stuff produced at the shoot-out.

    Annnd, awesome prizes aside, it was a pretty incredible weekend away, with great diving and even better company.

    I look forward to the next year. Perhaps ill acquire myself an SLR and try my luck with strobes, iso's, f-stops, exposures and ... well, on second thought, maybe ill just stick to my GoPro ;)

    Sarah Shark www.sarahshark.com